Friday, April 28, 2017

Day Seven with Daddy

Early follow-up appointment with Daddy's doc was a "spitballin' session", a negotiation, brainstorming next steps on Daddy's care. Since the ÉR visit yielded, in essence, "negatives" across the board of tests, Doc suggested some stress tests, but we also told him how we had decided to change his daily activity goal from walking to golf... slowly but surely, the plan is to get him feeling strong enough to play a round on a frequent basis. So far, just trying to knock balls outta the park at the driving range. Doc seemed pleased to hear that shortness of breath doesn't seem to be an issue anymore, or at least, not nearly to the degree that drove him to the ER on MONDAY of THIS WEEK. So, yes, we've made some progress. Still have much progress to make before I can feel comfortable leaving him to his own devices. We haven't formed a new habit yet, per se.

Since the appointment was earlier than either of us were truly ready to be out in the world, when we returned, we chilled for a bit, and then Daddy took a decent nap. Once I knew he was up, we ...

went to the driving range! #QuelleSurprise #NoIDontSpeakAnyFrench, #WhyDoYouAsk?

We reached the end of the last bucket he'd "rented", so tomorrow, he'll need to "rent" another. But today, he did a few stretches with a club over his head, and a few twists of his torso, and he was ready:

#6 iron, hit 6 darn pretty balls off the "fairway"... then the driver, hit 2 beauties off the tee.

Mentioned a little hip pain, and came over to the bag stand for a short rest. This was not a breathing rest, although I did admonish him to sit/stand straighter, with his shoulders back and head up. Then he stepped back into the batter's box (if only it were baseball, but that's just me, I'm sure).

#6 iron, hit 7 pretty well (scuffed one once, but who's really counting?)... then the driver for the remaining 5, off the tee. We still had 5 (extra) balls in the bag, because we'd only had 20 as our "goal" today, but, ya know, JIC.

The last ball was so beautiful that he said, "gimme another one". (Yay!). So I did.

Shoulda gone out on a "high" note. But really, he shoulda taken some Naproxen before we even left, so that pain wouldn't be the thing to stop him. He hit 21 balls today. He had some physical joint pain. 85-90% of the balls he hit were beautiful shots. Really great.

And now, Season 4 of Doctor Who!

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