Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stuff we probably won't do

I got up this morning and cooked some bacon. I keep offering Daddy more than one slice, but so far, he keeps declining. Between now and the end of time, Daddy probably won't buy any more bacon that isn't pre-cooked. He probably won't eat more than one slice that I have cooked, at a time.

Before I traveled out here, we'd talked about brain games, like mah johngg, solitaire, and sudoku. I play all of those, so this morning, I installed the Sudoku app on Daddy's tablet and taught him to play. It took a long time, because he'd never ever even tried one before, but I have a feeling that between now and the end of time, Daddy probably won't ever solve another Sudoku puzzle.

Also before I traveled out here, not knowing how long I'd be here, I "looked into" work-from-home possibilities, to have an income stream in the event that I was needed here longer than originally expected. In the foreseeable future, I probably won't pursue any kind of work-from-home anything that isn't voice acting in a home studio. Also, I probably won't build myself a home recording studio for voice acting, unless I get back home for more training and labs and workshops and experience and then have to return to Daddy for his health.

Last week, when we caught up with the cousins and aunty, the ringleader cousin had made possible plans for me to attend an improv comedy show with her (last night), because her friend who performs in it is "actressy" like I am. The friend had emergency surgery done on Thursday, so last night's plans were cancelled. That is perfectly reasonable, and while the cousin would still like to maybe get together again before I leave, it probably won't happen.

And there's other family what needs seein'. I had hoped to trek up to meet the newest niece and nephew, either by traveling the full distance in my rental car, with or without Daddy, or by meeting the families of those newest niece and nephew halfway-ish. Not happening. Not even "probably" not happening. If I were going to be here for an extended stay of a month or more, then we'd find a way to make that kinda visit happen... so, if I end up with a home recording studio for voice acting that I've built HERE because Daddy needs me to RETURN, well, then, there you are. But for now? Nopesies.

This morning, I mentioned a visit with Uncle Leroy and Laurie. Daddy said, sure, we can do that. But he didn't call or email Uncle Leroy to see when that might could happen, so... we probably won't do it. UPDATE: Daddy made the call, and we'll be having lunch with them tomorrow! W00t!

But this list of probably won'ts doesn't mean we're sitting here doing NOTHING. In fact, we were both awake fairly early this morning, and we've both cooked real food and consumed it, taken morning vitamins/meds, caught up on internets, played games, and Daddy's in the middle of laundry! No, he didn't ask for my help, so I'm not helping him (he won't have it once I go back home, so why coddle him, #amiright?).

I've been blogging fairly regularly whilst here. He will hit half (?) a bucket of balls today. I will (probably, possibly, maybe, um...) do the 5k steps to get in the pool today. I will check the mail today. I might book my return flight home. We will binge more Doctor Who!

What's some stuff YOU probably won't do? What's some cool, fun, weekend stuff you probably WILL do?


  1. I'll tell you a not cool thing I DIDN'T want to do this weekend but did anyway. That was hurt my back while trying to keep my 50 pound puppy from falling off a set of bleachers. So I spent the entirety of the weekend flat on my back and zonked out on muscle relaxers and pain killers. This was especially crappy since it was the last weekend I would have with my wife and dogs before beginning a month long work trip. The flight on Monday did no wonders for my back and I'm just now catching up on my blog reading. Sorry about making this comment all about me but I had to vent.

    1. Yikes. I mean, seriously, YIKES. Feel better soon! And if I ask a question about YOU, I hope that any answers I get will be about YOU, so no apologies needed!


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