Sunday, April 30, 2017

Day Nine Catch-Up

I posted yesterday and then updated, and so even though I had more to share (driving range status), I figured I'd start a post for today, yesterday. Actually, all of this is happening on Saturday, but I won't be posting until Sunday. Ennyhoo. "Golf update":

We coddled Daddy a bit, and I wasn't thrilled with it... but I realize that if he doesn't do his physical therapy the way he wants to, then he won't do it at all... so, we loaded a folding chair onto the golf cart so he could sit between shots. He grabbed a thermal "mug" and filled it with diluted Pedialyte, for when he sweats away his electrolytes. He soaked a dish towel to mop his brow. I let him, because if I hadn't, we may not even have made it as far as the golf cart, much less to the driving range. Tough love is as tough on the giver as the receiver, I'm finding!

So he drove up to the club, or whatever that building where they rent balls and such is called, because he didn't want to walk the extra 100 feet from where we usually park the cart. Tough noogies, Daddy. You get to walk that extra 100 feet to the range (because I moved the cart to where we usually park it). I still had to unload all the crap and carry it down for him!

He'd brought two hybrid wood clubs, a #2 and a #4. He hit 6 balls off the fairway with the #4, 2 off a tee with the #2, and then sat down to rest, mop his brow, and replace his electrolytes. What a big baby! I made sure he was sitting up straight so his airways would be nice and clear, and then he went back to it. Eight balls off the tee with the #2, and then back to fairway hitting with the #4. We moved the chair to the "fairway" so he could just sit for a sec a couple of times, and he finished the round with 28 total balls hit! 95% or better really "pretty" shots, or what we've decided are "Happy" balls!

There are now 30 balls in the bag, and the next round will complete our driving range dailies...

Started our Sunday fairly early, since we were supposed to meet Uncle Leroy and Laurie for late-ish lunch... Took a driver and a #3 wood to the range, dumped our 30 onto the lane, and collected 6-8 more that had been left behind (honestly don't remember if it was 6 or 8, but it wasn't fewer, nor was it more). Set up the chair and the Pedialyte and wet towel, and Daddy did some stretching. He'd taken a Naproxen before we left the house, but it hadn't kicked in. He also had his back brace with him, #JIC.

He hit a few with the wood. They were neither pretty nor ugly shots, but Daddy didn't like them. Sat down for a bit, pulled out the tee, and hit a few with the driver. He was pretty unhappy with them, and switched back again. Sat down a couple more times, feeling twinges in his low back, and gave up before we finished. Still and all, he'd hit 21 this morning, most of which were neither pretty nor ugly. Pain is pain is pain. It wasn't a great morning, but really not that bad, in the grand scheme of his health improvement. We dumped those two clubs in the "reject" pile, not to be used again!

Lunch date got cancelled due to Uncle Leroy's feeling "puny", so we fed ourselves, watched a bit of telly, and then I walked to the pool. Got a little exercise, got a good bit of sun. Returned to the house, and Daddy decided he'd hit the rest of the balls from his back yard (since the course will be able to collect the balls anyway), once the sun and temperatures were descending.

So more feeding ourselves and more telly, and then hitting balls. Two good clubs and 17 pretty shots!

We're caught up on the current season of Doctor Who, and we're deep into Season 4 (just met River Song and have been to Midnight). Rose returns next episode! Turn Left, of course.

Are these posts of interest, still? Back in the day, when I was blogging daily, I got bored with it myself. I know family's reading, but what about you, my non-family? I'm in Florida for a little while longer... is there something else you'd like me to address while I'm here?


  1. Still reading! Just catching up. How much longer are you there?

    1. I have a return flight scheduled for Wednesday the 10th.

  2. We do find your writings useful re your Dad Emelle...Off to o read more....


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