Thursday, April 27, 2017

Today is Thursday. We did some stuff; what did you do?

So, currently, at nearly 7 p.m., Daddy's in the middle of some flick about Marines... or not. It was becoming boring, so he decided to return to Doctor Who. I ain't got a problem with that.

Earlier today, hmm, let's see...

We got up, earlier, at a reasonable hour, and after checking all the internets we needed to check, he got dressed, goaded me into changing my own clothes, and after we traded the BEAST for something more reasonable, we took the golf cart over to the driving range. We also grabbed the cardkey for the pool, just to check the water temp, so I could make an informed decision regarding "walking over there and getting in" or not. (answer: any day I could really use the steps, sure, yeah, why not?)

Daddy's plan was to hit 15 golf balls at the driving range; I decided pretty early that we'd load his wine-carrier bag with 20, JIC. He grabbed a 5 iron and a 5 wood, so he still wouldn't need the brush tee and could act like he was golfing on "the fairway"...

Yesterday, he hit a total of 13 balls, from the "fairway", with one breathing break. Today, I dumped 20 balls at his feet, and he started with the 5 iron. He hit four pretty lovely shots, and then took a little breathing break. Then he hit five decent hits with the 5 wood, and took another break. I told him he only needed 5 more hits to surpass yesterday, and only 6 to hit "his" goal of today. Had my phone with me, so I took some VIDEO!

Ya wanna see it? Of Course you do! Here's the iron:
Here's the wood:
I'm really really proud of him. Good thing for him, I tell him so. I'm really proud of the progress he's made, both physically, and um, well, physically? I'm no shrink, so I really can't speak to his mental or emotional health. But I am really proud of his physical health... at 73 human earth years old.

It's Daddy. My Daddy, and I'm trying to make sure he doesn't "give up" physically before all of us who love him are ready to "accept" that he's done. #HeAintDoneKidsAndIAintGivinUpOnHim!!!

In addition to the driving range, we watched "Blink"and "Utopia", we hit Publix and the liquor store, I made a coupla Greek-ish wraps (that he didn't love but also didn't hate), I took a little walk whilst he was watching his Marine thingy, and now we're on "The Sound of Drums", and since Daddy finds The Master/Harold Saxon to be funny, we'll probably finish Season 3 ("Last of the Time Lords")...

I'm not going to publish until we part at bedtime, so for now, Salt & Vinegar Crisps (potato chips)! I expect to update... so for now, see ya in a bit...

yeah, completed the Harold Saxon trilogy/ I informed him that "in a distant future episode, we'll see the Master's regeneration", and he took his night-night meds to go to bed, so we can be up for his early (9:15 a.m.) doctor's follow-up appointment... We'll be up. We'll be there. I'll be so happy to report the progress I think he's made.

Wonder if it's all been psychosomatic, all along? Maybe he only misses his bffs more than anyone in the world, ever! Whaddya think? Betcha we know something before I check here for replies tomorrow! ;)


  1. Just wanted to say that your Dad is lucky to have such a caring daughter. I'm glad you are able to be there to help him out.

    1. I'm glad, too. We're having a good time, just chillin' together.


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