Thursday, April 27, 2017

Days Five and almost Six, as it turns out (if travel day was Day Zero)

Yesterday was a pretty chill day. We were both up at a reasonable hour, and since I had replied to the card I'd received on Tuesday, I went out to put it in the mailbox and raise the flag. I hadn't mentioned before, because I'd forgotten, but a few days ago, Daddy and I fixed the flag on his mailbox. The housing had broken, so if you stood it upright, it might fall down again, and if the carrier dropped it down, it was a very sad drop. But superglue and an extra washer (and of course, a bigger hammer, in case it didn't fit), and the thing is #GoodAsNew! Well, almost. It still qualifies as a #JerryRig, but unless you inspect it closely, you'd never know.

Ennyhoo. Put my outgoing mail in the box, raised the flag, and just "hung out" in the sunshine, because #WhatAGorgeousDay!

Once Daddy heard from his pharmacy that his Rx was ready for pickup, he got dressed and loaded up the golf cart for his outing on the driving range. I hoofed it over to the CVS, met him at the drive-thru window, and we went to hit some balls.

Not wanting the range folks to "know" that we'd taken home the bucket, he'd loaded 13 balls into a bag, and brought his #4 and #7 irons, so he wouldn't need the tee. We set up nearish to a dude who had his full bag of clubs and a full bucket, and we knew that even with breaks, dude would still be there when we left. 'Sokay, the driving range isn't exactly "social", nor is it "antisocial". Golf is an "alone" sport, according to Daddy. Still, we all exchanged some pleasantries.

Daddy scuffed his first two balls, so I had him step back and take a couple of practice swings. That helped. He hit 3 very lovely shots, and then he needed a rest, so we did the same "prop yourself on the bag stand for a sec" thing, and he held his posture up and breathed. Then he went back and hit the remaining 8 balls, slicing just a little, but mostly getting them straight down the "fairway". 13 balls with only one breathing break! Not bad!

I opened his inhaler and spacer for him, but so far, he hasn't used them. When we got back in, he put on "Bandidas", because he likes it, and it wasn't horrible for me to watch, either. Penélope Cruz and Salma Hayek, robbing banks across Mexico to help the peasantry who've been swindled by Dwight Yoakam's New York banker/land developer. It's a romp. Then we hopped back in the golf cart to hit Publix (well, I walked, but anyway). I'll be making some Greek-ish sandwich wraps today. Sure hope we like 'em (since I have to learn to make Tzatziki first... oh, wait, no I don't! Just now, in Googling the spelling of this wonderful cucumber dip, one of the Google autofill options included Opaa! Poblano Sauce (which I neverinamillionyears woulda known was tzatziki)... so I'm gonna return the Greek yogurt and cuke we bought yesterday, and get the pre-made stuff. Yay for not havin' to learn nothin'!

Ennyhoo, we got back from our little grocery adventure and sat down to binge some Doctor Who. Daddy felt like "Daleks in Manhattan" was really sappy, and he wasn't too pleased that it was a two-parter, but we watched "Evolution of the Daleks" to finish the story (even though I told him he could skip it). He was much happier with "The Lazarus Experiment" and "42", and we even got as far as "Human Nature", which, as it turns out is also a two-parter, but at least it wasn't sappy, so yes, we finished our day with "The Family of Blood".

Which means next up is "Blink"!!!!! I sure hope I haven't oversold it for him...

Today, more golfing. More Doctor Who. Return the Enterprise rental for a Rent-A-Wreck or extend the contract, whichever makes more sense, $-wise. Wassup witchoo?

Oh, and I also gave myself a lazicure this morning:
too lazy to remove the purple, so I just threw a little pink on top

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