Sunday, July 9, 2017

Roles I played "today"

Wednesday was Day Four of our shoot, and while getting my 10,000 steps, I also got to:
  • drive an actor to a place (Teamster's Union, please?)
  • get a piece of artwork re-framed (Locations, I think)
  • assist in the placement of specialty contacts AND the removal of blood (SFX makeup)
  • hang/remove some duvetyne (Key Grip)
  • pick up another camera lens and then assist the DP in its use, just barely (1st/2nd AC)
  • make coffee / replenish snacks / dispose of trash/recyclables (Craft Services)
  • keep the shoot moving / sign in/out SAG actors (2nd AD, Baby!)

Thursday was Day Five, and I got to:
  • ACT (hello, yes, I'm SAG-AFTRA, so duh)
  • keep the shoot moving / sign in/out SAG actors (2nd AD, Baby!)
  • lend my thumb ring to another actress as her wedding band (wardrobe?)
  • make coffee / replenish snacks / dispose of trash/recyclables (Craft Services)
  • work on bloodstain removal from carpeting (locations)
  • return some window blinds for credit (Art Dept/Set Dec{orating})
  • I also left a tad early from set so I could attend a Volunteer Orientation at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation... since I'm discovering that Volunteerism is an excellent way to get out of the apartment, and fight off any unemployment-induced Depression. It was a good meeting, and I'm sure they'll approve my "application" in the next few days.

Friday was Day Six, and I got to:
  • make coffee / replenish snacks / dispose of trash/recyclables (Craft Services)
  • keep the shoot moving / sign in/out SAG actors (2nd AD, Baby!)
  • stay the fuck outta the way (locations? not really, but #WhaddyaGonnaDo?)
  • wrap up early (because seriously, once the above stuff is "complete"...)

Saturday was Day Seven, and I got to:
  • repeat Day Five, honestly... we were shooting in a pretty small space, and even our "skeleton" crew was too many people. So after picking up pizzas from Costco for our "lunch", I was one of three or more people to be wrapped early. A word of advice... Costco pizzas are probably well worth the cost (they're #SoooooooperCheeeeep), but it is not a good idea to have a pizza party at a reasonable dining hour on a Saturday #NinthCircleOfHell #ClusterfuckCity #GladIHadCompany #WhatANightmare #DoYouGetThePicture?
So. It's Sunday, and the film is "dark" (i.e. everyone has the day off), and when they gear back up tomorrow, it'll be an even smaller crew, because they're going on location, and what with the budget being "Ultra Low", they can only afford the absolute essentials, since they're going to have to house and feed everyone for three or four days. #HaveFunStorminTheCastle!

Which means that I get to devote the next few days to Really Finding Employment. Like, can someone please just hire me already? I know I need to go back to Central to update my registration, and since I've gotten as skinny and fit as I can on my juice cleanse, it probably means I'll also update a bunch of my photos. So if I can get good photos in my phone, I'll be able to use them to update registrations at other casting companies. Then, it'll be #PhoneCallCity for me, reaching out to the connections I have and trying to #GetWork! #GetPaid!

... honestly, now that minimum wage has gone up, I should just suck it up and get a part-time "nothing" job at a place that I can walk to... we'll see.

In case you're curious, my juice cleanse is coming to a close. Tuesday will be Day 30, but over the course of the last week or so, I've been juicing while also eating healthy solids here and there. Like, my Craft Services noshing has been pretty much only crudite, possibly dipped in hummus. So I'll continue to pay attention to what I'm eating, and try to stay on the healthy end of the spectrum, but if I really really want cheese one day, I may have it. I did not have any of the Costco pizza (which is why I said that they are "probably" well worth the cost). Not that you care if I eat well or cheat. Just thought you might be curious.


  1. Wow, sounds like you have been a Jill of all trades here lately. I am sure you are loving every bit of it.

    1. 🎶 Lovin' every minute of it... lovin' every minute of it 🎶

      ... just call me "Gal Friday"

    2. You know what that song is about right?

    3. That chorus is the only part I ever hear replaying in my brain... I'm going to guess, and say, sex? Mebbe?

    4. A specific type of, uh, shall we say mechanically assisted sex? Google the lyrics. :)

    5. Nope. Ignorance is bliss, tyvm. :)


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