Saturday, July 1, 2017

Still Cleansing, After All These Years (well, days)

Yup, kids. It's the first of July, I only posted six times last month, and I've been juice fasting/cleansing since time began. Or, well, since THEN. And I haven't been "documenting" my progress, as it were, at least #NotSoMuch in vlog form, and really not that much in blog form. #SorryNotSorry.

What I've discovered is, #MyPersonalCleansingJourney isn't terribly interesting.

I fire up the juicer for a fruity breakfast blend. I pour said blend into a vessel or two, and then I make my Mean Green variant. That either lives in the little pitcher that came with the juicer, in the fridge, or it lives in a large "to-go" bottle. Then I clean the juicer parts, and store them in the dishwasher to drain. Wipe down the counters, and consume breakfast.

... Aaaaaaand then, I live the rest of my day, doing #FuckAll around the apartment or in the 'hood.

I've shed some pounds. I gave myself another enema this morning, because my system still seems a bit backed up, and it's been like a week, so I think I'm not in any danger of overdosing on laxatives. I shed four more pounds, just this morning, from pre- to post-enema! YOWZA!

Also, I'm On Set Again Today! My fabulous friend Tina is producing her first feature film, "Philophobia: Or the Fear of Falling in Love", and she's brought me on as an AD (2nd AD, to be exact), working with a super-fun cast and crew. So when it came time for her to collect lunch orders, I of course had to remind her multiple times that "I'm juicing, Yo!"

Which means ... I'm not really following anyone else's eat schedule, just drinking my juice as I go, watching other people eat chewables from Crafty, and still

Feelin' Good, Yo.

I know I normally don't tell you the name of the project I'm working on, but the producers have said, PLEASE post #PhilophobiaFilm. So, there it is. Knock yourselves out, if you feel inclined! I will do the same, once I have more to actually say, ya know? It's Day One. Let's see where this takes us!

What shall I tell you about in JULY?

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