Friday, July 28, 2017

Travel Travel Travel, Part The First

We flew outta Burbank this morning at 8:30, after a lovely Lyft ride with our driver, Aspet. The hop over to Oakland was just short enough to disallow any kind of napping. The layover was just long enough to make hopping off the plane for a short stroll through the airport a necessity.

Here's the thing: the temperature in Burbank, upon leaving, was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 70º - 75º. In Oakland an hour or so later, it was 55º. I SHIT YOU NOT. We lost 20º in an hour! The reason it's hard for me to fathom this is two-fold.

  1. The other day, in an hour driving towards the set I was on, my external temperature went up 10º.
  2. My BIL, Bill, had informed us we'd be arriving in Boise to #HotAsHell temperatures, much like those we'd be leaving in Burbank.
55º is fucking COLD, y'all.

So we were happy to continue on to Boise. Our second leg of the trip was full; we had someone aboard with a peanut allergy, so no peanuts served. Since I hadn't napped on the first short leg, I opted for coffee on the second leg. We arrived in Boise at Gate B-17, which gave me a good earworm to take me to the welcome party. (Almost no one I encounter anymore is even remotely familiar with the tune; those who did recognize it when I was singing it "remembered" it being sung originally by a man, like BJ Thomas, maybe?)

Bill brought the two older nephews who knew and remembered me and were my primary reason for this visit; we stood in the terminal and #HUGGEDhuggedHUGGED. SIL Kelli was at home with the youngest nephew who'd met Uncle Stephen but hadn't yet met me. I rode in the Suicide Seat for the drive to lunch and "home", between the nephews, in the back seat. We had a good time, catching up and stuff.

When we got to the house, the boys and I came inside; Stephen and Bill went to visit with their mom, who doesn't do well with too many people. Kelli was putting youngest son down for a nap, so I basically explained the entire film industry to the older two. #AspiringAuteurs #InquiringMindsWantToKnow #IfOnlyTheyWereOldEnoughToReadMyBlog! #ArchivePerusalAnyone?

Kelli came downstairs, and about the time that the menfolk returned, youngest child was awaking. So we discussed "activity" options, and all of us came to the conclusion that investigating the new local ice cream shop was the best option... and because my entire life mantra is "if dessert is worth eating, it's worth eating first", we did exactly that... making ME a #Hero, and leaving us not particularly hungry for "dinner", even after a nice little walk nearish to the zoo, and next to the river-on-which-we-will-likely-be-floating in the next day or so.

So we came back to the house after a not-so-quick stop at Whole Paycheck, and Bill made popcorn, and anyone who was hungry for more than popcorn fended for him/herself. There's been so much visiting and catching up going on, I'm cool with "activities", but I'm also cool with "jus' chillin' with the fam"...

The youngest took a little while to warm up to me, the only stranger in the house. He just now came looking for me and Stephen to say good night to, and although he's not quite ready for hugs and kisses, my logic that "good night needs at least a high-five" seemed reasonable to him.

So. Day One. Successful in-law visit Day One. G'nite high fives for everyone!


  1. I remember that song well! I was so in love with ONJ when I was a kid, and that was before Grease and Xanadu. Sounds like things are off to a great start. I'll try to get caught up on all your entries but I have been swamped lately.

    1. No worries. Glad someone else remembers it!

      We're home; I'm on set; will blog again in another day or two (hopefully)


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