Tuesday, July 4, 2017

(You might think) my career is weird, but I love it

I'm on set again (not today, though. DUH). My friend Tina is #BusyBusyBusy with producing stuff (she is working TODAY while the rest of 'Murica sets off fireworks). She showed me her calendar for the last two months, and there are ZERO days off. I'm seriously impressed with her, especially since she essentially mainlines coffee, sleeps and eats very little, and has still managed to stay alive and sane while being #BusyBusyBusy like Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles.

I had contacted her about a month ago about volunteering on one or more of her projects, because I knew she was always #BusyBusyBusy. She asked me if I'd be able to volunteer my services as a Script Supervisor on a feature. Frankly, I just can't, especially for any shoot longer than a weekend. There's just too much brainpower expended, and I always want to do a good job to help the project be the best it can be, and as a Scripty, it's just too much to ask. And she gets that. But I did want to get out of the apartment and on set, to work with her again in any other capacity, to help her project reach its goals.

So I volunteered to participate as a PA over the weekend. This is a feature covered by an Ultra Low-Budget SAG New Media contract, which essentially means there's "enough" money to pay for daily costs, like any necessary permits, insurance, expendables, and food, but not enough to cover locations or equipment or cast or crew. We're all participating out of the joy we get from participating, and frankly, it's a good group of people. The locations have been donated, the ARRI film equipment has been donated (or is being "rented" for zero dollahs), and our time is being donated. Which means, Tina gets to work a little extra-hard to make sure that we make our scheduled shoot days without incident. She has to keep the volunteers "happy" enough that she doesn't lose her already-skeleton crew over any little stupid shit. This is only a 15 day shoot, and I haven't read the script, but being around for the shooting lets me see how weird or funny or gross or all of the above this thing will be. We're making good progress, from what I can tell, and if I'm available, there's only about a week left for me (part of the shoot will be happening outside of LA, and because of the costs involved, they'll be using "local" crew for that part). Tina's makin' it happen, Yo!

I've personally, in three days, been credited (already, on IMDb) as 2nd AD, which is definitely a promotion from PA; run errands and locked up the set (as a PA would do); assisted the 1st AD with various not-on-paper Scripty/Continuity items; acted as Key Grip in helping the Gaffer block the light from some windows; acted as an SFX makeup assistant (helping a couple of actresses put special contacts "in"); acted as Set Medic when Tina suffered a (hopefully minor) knee injury; acted as Crafty (maintaining Tina's and others' coffee/water/snackage needs); and even almost ACTED in the film! I'm SAG, it's SAG, even if it's a "deferred" payment dealio, it'll be whatever it is, if they need me to ACT in this thing.

I love my job(s). I love my life, when I'm not home and Depressed (i.e. when I'm on set). I have an early call time tomorrow, so I'll be heading off to bed shortly after I publish this post. Hopefully all the loud banging will abate soon, so I can sleep. "Gunfire or Fireworks?" One never knows, in this town, at least... although tonight, it does mostly sound like the latter.

Don't neglect to click on that link above ("money") - it's a pretty funny video that'll give you some insight into this crazy world we call Show Business. And if you feel like contributing in any way, you're certainly welcome to share it on social media, with the hashtags #PhilophobiaFilm, #ARRI, and #TunnelLightPictures. If you don't feel like contributing in any way, that's cool, too. Enjoy the short. Watch it over and over. It makes me giggle, at least!


  1. You're absolutely right. That made me laugh. Knowing you and listening to your stories I can totally see this. Well done. :-)

    1. Hey! It's my long-lost big sis! Welcome back to my comments!

      Also, um, I know, right? 😉

  2. Great to see you back on set! I know that is some good medicine for your soul.

    1. It absolutely is. Good Medicine for My Soul. Yup. :)


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