Monday, July 31, 2017

Travel, Part the Fourth (of Four Parts)

Kelli had to zip outta the house early today for work, and she knew she'd not be back before we left, so those goodbyes were said last night,

This morning, it was just me de-testosteroning the house. I was supremely unsuccessful. But Stephen made coffee, and I ate cereal, and we pretty much all just hung out. I did a funky dance move, asking all the boys in da hous to send out their "send auntie emelle to work" positive vibes. They made me do the move multiple times. I was happy to, if it meant we'd all be thinking about booking me on set!

Then Bill had to go run a work errand, so he took the ruggest of the rats with him, and YN and I took a little walk over to Target to "window shop" a new swimsuit for me and any potential toys for him. Stephen and ON stayed in, doing #GodKnowsWhat. *Who's Who, ICYMI

Bill and the ruggest were home by the time YN and I returned, and we really weren't gone all that long, ya know? So we all hung out some more. More Paracord Bracelets were made, some movie trailers were watched, laundry and dishes were begun (I think), and we repacked our bags. Also, I discovered I was on hold for work for tomorrow! Yay! #FunkyDanceMovesWork

'Round 4:00-ish, Stephen and I hugged YN and ON goodbye. These were some serious goodbye hugs. Them are good boys, Brent. Bill packed us and the ruggest of the rats into his truck and off we went to the airport, to arrive in plenty of time to board our 6:20 flight out to Oakland.

Unfortunately for us, just about every Southwest flight arriving in Boise was delayed, which meant just about every Southwest flight leaving Boise was delayed. Ours definitely was, by roughly half an hour. Which meant that our layover in Oakland was not going to be a leisurely stroll through the terminal to board the next leg.

Oh, no. We had 8 whole minutes to run the half mile (ish?) to the other gate to come back in to Burbank. Thankfully, we made it. Then we had time to wonder if our bags had also made it, since we'd checked them (knowing that the first leg was full and we were boarding near the end of everything; no overhead storage meant, um, let's check those bad boys). I also had time to get the details for my gig tomorrow and confirm it. Whew! #SetLife #MyLife #ILoveWorking

Oakland to Burbank is a truly short hop. We deplaned out the back, found the restrooms, found our baggage carousel. Yes, our bags had made it. Yes, for whatever reason, the TSA had decided that our two little rolling carryon bags needed inspecting. No, there doesn't seem to be anything missing. No, they don't appear to have broken my laptop. #GoodThing!

Found our way over to the Lyft pickup area, and Stephen requested a pickup. Unfortunately, the app was being seriously wonky, and would not allow him to add our home address, which meant that frustration was building, and we didn't know if we'd even get a ride at all. He spoke on the phone with the first driver, who said "I'm here" but was not, in fact, at the airport. Huh? Eventually located the driver Lyft sent in her place, who was a little frustrated himself, not knowing where he needed to take us.

He was patient, though, and he got it sorted enough to be able to add our address in his app. Which meant we'd get home, and Stephen knows what he needs to say in any communications with the folks who run the app. Also, he got five stars and a five dollar tip, because who knows what we'd have had to do, if Arman had given up on us?

So, we're home. The furbabies are very happy to see us. We've plugged in our phones; I'm blogging (#DUH); Stephen's already checked into a video game and back out of it, working towards bedtime. We both get to go to work tomorrow. It was a good visit, and now we only have to plan the next one (with any family, in any "home town")!

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