Saturday, October 11, 2014

Another productive and somewhat lucrative weekend...

Yesterday (yes, I am counting a Friday as a "weekend" day), I attended an open call for a movie that will shoot here through the winter.  It's set in 1950 on a film set and takes place over the course of a single day... which means that if I get picked to work it as a member of the "film crew" (in the BG, of course), I will have a fitting, and ONE costume, and will likely get to work it for most of the winter.  That will be a great gig.  Looking forward to them loving me!

After that, I went to see if I could get in to watch the first taping of "Celebrity Name Game," Craig Ferguson's new game show, which I've been privileged to watch on several occasions now.  I did get in, and since I was already booked for the afternoon taping, I got to "work" all day.  Big fun.

Today, I had a delicious walking-and-sampling lunch at Costco, and reminded my next potential boss of my existence.  He may be calling me this week for an interview.  Cool.

Tomorrow, I'm booked in the audience of the game show again.  If I'm up early enough, I'll see if I can't get in for the first taping again.  As well, I'll be bringing my resume to hand (in person) to the guy who runs that gig. 

 Potential gigs!  Productivity!  Awesomesausage-with-extra-cheese!  Woot!


  1. Yay! Go you. You're making it happen. I look forward to watching Craig's game show - not just for the "you-spotting" that I like to do, but because I really like most everything Craig Ferguson is in.

    1. It's on the air already (CW at 5 p.m. here); I'm in the audience, so you should never "spot" me; it plays like a combination of "Pyramid" and "Family Feud" so it's easy to follow, easy to root for a team, easy to be incredibly impressed by the wins; Craig is a delightfully funny man, and I'm sure a lot of what I get to watch will never make it to broadcast (his language is quite saucy!).

    2. We don't have network television (or cable for that matter. If CW streams it on their website, we might stand a chance.

    3. hmm... well, good luck. I need to add it to our queue just to see how what I've been witness to translates to the small screen.

      Today was BIG FUN (final three episodes of the season)!


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