Friday, October 24, 2014


and for good reason.  Since starting my new job last Saturday, I have worked for pay every single day, and will continue to do so for at least two more days.  Don't yet know my work schedule for next week, but there's a pretty good possibility that I could be working for the next four days (or more!) rather than just the next two.  And if I keep booking "industry" work on my "days off" from the job, it's entirely feasible for me to work for pay all the way up until Thanksgiving!

Stephen just reminded me that it's Foto Friday! Oh, well.
I'm not complaining, per se.  I often "complain" about postal/bank holidays, because I haven't worked for pay nearly enough to "deserve" to celebrate a long weekend.  So continuous work is a GOOD thing.  I am blessed.

I'm also just tired.  And with that statement made, I shall head off to bed. G'Nite!


  1. Good photo for photo Friday. Made me smile.

  2. Thanks. I took three, but the webcam only allows you to choose one at a time, and since they were all pretty similar, this was the one you get. Glad you liked it.


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