Thursday, October 30, 2014

Another Milestone/Bittersweet Memory

I'm in the hat.  Mommy's nervous
about how "close" I am to the edge.
Two years ago today, Stephen visited the Grand Canyon for the first time.  The first time I visited, I was traveling from Florida to California in a U-Haul with Mommy and no cats in 2002.  We stopped in Flagstaff, Arizona and rented a pick-em-up truck (yes, Mommy sure did love her a pick-em-up truck!), saw the Canyon, and then returned to our U-Haul later in the day.

With Stephen, we were in the loaded Honda with the furbabies, heading from California to North Carolina.  While we were there, Stephen spoke with his father on the phone to let him know of our progress.

Stephen, NOT close to any edge!

It was the last time he'd hear his father's voice, not in a recording.


  1. I STILL haven't been to the Grand Canyon - and I've traveled a boat load in the last 8 years. I really want to get there before I die, but if I don't, I guess I'll just view it from heaven.

    1. You should go, but on purpose, not as part of another trip. Take a vacation, get info on how best to see it, and then do it. I think if you wait until you can see if from Heaven, there'll be many more things of interest to see, and you'll miss it (not that you'll "miss" it) - it is a wonder of God's creation that I think is meant to be seen on this plane of existence. :)


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