Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throw (One) Back Thursday

The bereaved husband of my friend, Ms. F., came over today to swim a little, learn to float a little, tread a little, talk about his loss, and tell me the whole story of "how they met" and "how she left".  In the meantime, he drank the single beer he'd brought over, I had a little wine, and we ate some healthy munchies to absorb that small quantity of alcohol we threw back.

It was a nice little visit, and he's very grateful for the friends who are taking care of him right now.  He's following the guidelines that have been put in place for him by "the coven", which primarily consist of living his daily life in ten-minute increments (or, "The NOW") and allowing his feelings to be, whatever they are.

We cried a little.  We laughed a little.  He showed me photos in his phone, and he allowed me to take these photos.
We hugged a little more than a little.  We made "plans" to stay in each other's lives.  He was hoping to see Stephen today, but he left before Stephen made it home, so that other members of the coven can take him to his next meal.

Not a bad Thursday; certainly better than last week!


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    1. Yup, me too. Whenever I would start to cry today, Woodley would start to apologize. He's still so fresh in his grief that he doesn't realize that he only needs to own his own reactions, and that he needn't apologize for mine. He knows he's in denial, but he also recognizes that I've been grieving a variety of folks since 2006, so I have some insight into what he's feeling.

      Gave him our copy of "The Book" for good measure.

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    1. Yes, of course.

      Did you know that if you're replying to my replies, you can hit the "reply" button under my comment to keep yours in a thread? Carole replied to you the other day, and I was able to reply to both of you in that way. FYI.


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