Monday, October 13, 2014

With the changing weather comes...

a new outlook?  Maybe.  As you probably know, I've been filling my days of late with sitting in audiences, and in exchange for my laughter and other positive energy, I get paid some cash at the end of the taping.  It's nice to have money in the wallet, because I can stop and pick up groceries on my way home, and that usually means finding a treat or two, while I'm at it.

But I'd love to have a paycheck again, so I also find places to drop off or email my resume.  Today, I applied for three Script Supervision gigs, a PA gig, and an audience-wrangler (different kind of PA) gig.  Yesterday, I did a little audience work as well as applying for an audience-wrangler gig. I guess Saturday was somewhat off, because I only tried to get on a show in the audience but failed, and then checked in with the dude at Costco.  Friday, as I've already told you, was productive and lucrative.

I feel like I'm constantly on the lookout for leads.  I feel like something is going to "hit" VERY SOON.  I got in the pool today, and it was really freaking cold but I knew that, if I'm not working, I can at least try to exercise a little bit.  While I was doing that, I was thinking about two of the gigs I might be up for, and what it would mean if I were actually "picked" for both and had to choose.  Which one would be better for me and for us in the short run?  Will that gig also be the better choice in the long run?

I dunno, but I'm probably going to have to discuss that with Stephen.  IF.  IF they both hit; IF they both ask for me; IF I really am the one who gets to choose.  Until then, I'll just keep plugging along.  I'll keep throwing my name in the hat.  I'll keep showing up to sit in audiences, and when I'm not doing that, I'll keep dragging my lazy butt downstairs into the ice water.
This pic epitomizes how I feel about fall... sad? forlorn? withered and cold? I don't see the beauty in the changing leaves, and I definitely don't love the "earth-tone" color schemes or the preponderance of all things PUMPKIN or whatever else it is that other folks LOVE about fall.  How do YOU feel about it?

Enjoy your spring and summer, southern hemisphere!  I'll be up here, hoping for a mild and short winter!


  1. I pray you have a short fall/winter. I think you know how I feel about fall. My favorite thing about fall is that it will be over. The problem with that is, of course, winter. But once THAT'S over, we have lovely, lovely spring and summer again. The best part of fall, to me, anyway, is Thanksgiving.

    Your decision making dilemma came on the heels of reading your decision fatigue link. How crazy is that?

    1. I know that we have our reason(s) for dreading the coming days, but I, for one, have NEVER liked fall/winter, ever since we first experienced it after moving out of Miami. And I was never a fan of Thanksgiving until I had a house and could host and be the one to say "the meal will be at LUNCHTIME!" Currently, I'm back at the mercy of the party-planners, but at least I only need bring a single dish.

      IF I get to be the one to make the decision referenced above, it won't fatigue me, since it's an either/or, rather than "which of these 17 options would you like?" kind of choice. But that was a good article, wasn't it? ;)

  2. I love the fall but do not like the fall allergies. So, I take my meds and enjoy the view. I like the cool mornings. I don't care for summer as much as the other seasons, but everyone is different. I don't like to be too hot. You are in the best place to enjoy your favorite parts of the seasons. I have always thought that Miami cheated me out of the change of seasons. It is interesting to see how you enjoyed that lack of change. We are all blessed to see and feel different things in our own part of the country.

    I am also glad, InnerHippie, that you are where the sun will shine more often this winter.

    1. Yup. Part of our "getting home" was getting away from that awful winter in North Carolina. And our preferences for climate are like our food tastes. I like hot weather and fishy fish. You don't? That's okay! More for me! You like colder weather and all things pumpkin, you say? Great! More for you!

      Cheryl's presence in the "lower 48" is also a good thing, yes, Carole, I concur.


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