Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A few nice things to say.

Started training my replacement today. Haven't yet met my replacement, but since I managed to get some pictures of the last event loaded onto the studio's website, I was tasked with "updating" the instructions. I didn't "update" anything. There were no instructions, ever, except in handwritten notes to myself. So today, I taught the newbie how to post anything to the website. One task down, eleventy-seven umpteen to go.

Started saying goodbye to more students and co-workers. I may be at the point where I'm repeating myself now. In fact, one of the students told me that she had asked me (at whatever point I had told her, last time) how I'd managed to be there so long. Then later, as I was saying goodnight to the newest-hired dance instructor, I discovered that she had managed to keep her ear off the grapevine, so it was a bittersweet moment.

Tomorrow, I'll hand out more flyers at Central, and I may or may not be "training" another gal on how, exactly, to do that gig. Then I get to drive in to the dance studio a tad early so I can stop and pick up our staff lunch on my way in. Once a month, we celebrate birthdays with Chipotle. It is EXACTLY on my way in; I may add all of 2/10 mile to my drive just dealing with the parking lot. Only reason to be early is so I won't be late getting in to work.

LOTS of "check your availability" emails coming my way lately for film industry stuff. So far, NO availability! But there will be, soon enough. Keep your positive vibes comin', kids!

Geoff the houseguest is trying to sleep off a new bug, so I think I'll let him. I gotta get up early tomorrow, anyway.

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