Sunday, March 29, 2015

My days are returning to "normal"

Stephen went to work; I went to Trader Joe's.

Picked up almost all the groceries we need at this point... came home and built a good salad.

Stephen came home, and as I was finishing salad prep, the fan jumped out of the window (it does that). I re-set it and went back to the salad.

Went to set the table, and my flowers jumped off the shelf. Caught them all and the vase, but not before all of the water dumped all over me and everything on the shelf. Stephen stepped in to help clean up the wet everything, while I finished setting the table and tossing the salad.

We ate; re-set the flowers on the shelf and started cleaning up the dinner stuff. Opened the refrigerator for some wine, and Stephen's salad dressing jumped off the shelf. That one did NOT get caught. So I stood exactly where I was and picked up glass shards to drop into the trash, while Stephen pulled out the vacuum.

Dishwasher's running; we're drinking wine and watching Marvel's Agents of Shield. Nothing else jumping off shelves at this point. I'm back!


  1. Why the hell does everything attack y'all? That doesn't seem like normal behavior for inanimate objects.


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