Saturday, March 21, 2015

My last dance party was today

I've told you about how I get to dance on Saturdays, because the dance party (or "practice session") happens during my lunch break. Last week, we were closed on Saturday. Next week, we'll be closed on Saturday (which is why my notice runs through next Friday). Today, we closed early, so I only took a 30-minute lunch break rather than an hour. So I ate a little something during my first (on the clock) break, two hours into my day, and then I danced for 30 minutes of the 45-minute dance party (or "practice session").

The class beforehand was hustle, so I made sure to be on the floor when the party first started, so I could hustle with Hattie's husband, Matt. Then Natalya's husband, Moshe, asked me to dance a foxtrot. Then I sat out a swing. Then Diego waltzed me around before he had to leave. Then I led Melissa in a rumba. Then I salsa'd with Moshe. Then I sat out a Viennese Waltz. Then I led Mandana in a merengue. Then I had (what will likely be) my last good tango with George. Then I cha cha'd with Moshe and rumba'd with Matt, and Moshe waltzed me back to "on the clock". It was quite the bittersweet final Saturday.

I didn't get to dance with Janis' husband Yoram today, because he's been in Israel, I think. I got to dance with Theresa's husband, Mark, last night, and even though I usually have had to only dance non-travelling dances near the front desk on Friday nights, I had COVERAGE, so Mark foxtrotted me around the room. Oh, btw, I started training my replacement yesterday. Yay!

Only five more days at my dance studio job. They've made it clear that I will be working those last five days. It is also clear that this departure is a good move. My replacement is a bright girl who will learn as much as she possibly needs to in her first week. I'm glad to have the opportunity to give her a better start than I was given, but I'm also incredibly grateful to have only five more days.

Stephen knows that I'm moving towards better things. I know it, too. I'm grateful for the last four months at the dance studio, and I'm grateful to be able to leave there with the knowledge I've gained in that time. I just hope I manage to get to dance here and there, while I'm at all the rest of my fabulous life.

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