Monday, June 20, 2016

If it Ain't One Damn Thing, it's Another

I told you about my stress of planning for my big milestone birthday.
I reported on the events of the weekend of my big milestone birthday.
I told you about the fall I took in my own damn living room, just outta the blue, and the injuries I sustained. I told you about the left side of my body overcompensating for the injuries on the right side of my body, and the pain I was experiencing in my left foot, every time I went for a walk (which is, of course, daily).
I tweeted that my pain seemed to be abating, YAY, but NOW I have a heat rash! Exhibit A:
Finally nearly rid of foot pain; now have heatrash in both elbows. A/C ineffective; taking break from online project for Very Cold pool! :)?

I've often stated that, given the choice of extreme temperatures, meaning, I have to choose which end of the "extreme" temperatures spectrum I will spend the rest of my days in (I dunno, like, say, in Purgatory?), I would 100%EveryTime choose "hot" over "cold".

My body doesn't sweat much, unless I'm exerting myself with physical activity and/or the temperatures/humidity are particularly "high". I endure warmer climes pretty well, compared to others. I Do Not endure cold very well. I whine and complain and bitch and moan if the temperature drops below 74º. I'm not kidding. I mostly hate air conditioning, because people will set that bitch to a "balmy" 65º and I'm wrapped up in long johns and sweaters and electric blankets (which I also hate).

So, given the "choice", I always say, let me be nekkid and sweatin' my ass off and Can't Get Cool any day, over Bundled to the Nth Degree so that I Can't Move my Arms but still Frozen to the Bone.

Which leads me to today, Day Two of Three (or possibly Four) of Triple-Digitº Fahrenheit. I'm not kidding, kids. It's HOT. We've got our sad little wall-unit A/C running (at 75º, natch), and fans blowing in every room, even OVERNIGHT, because it's Hot.
Exhibit B:
Left Elbow. The worst spot. Itchiest,
Most Bumpiest and Reddest,
Oozy and then Crusty. FUN! (not)
left wrist. kinda bumpy,
occasionally itchy. worse than
right wrist. almost can't even see the
bumps, which barely itch at all.

Right Elbow, less significant than
Left Elbow but Similar in its
Oozy/Crusty Yuckiness.

Oh, and all the fresh fruit I'm eating lately must be doing something, because Loose Stools. Yay. NO Exhibit C. ;)

Whaddya got? Better? Worse? Another Damn Thing?


  1. Ouch... ouch... ouch... that's making my skin break out just seeing the pictures. Our eldest gets weird skin reactions to temperature change. My other half gets hives when the weather turns cold. We never have figured out why.

    1. If it Ain't One Damn Thing, It's Another! amiright? ;)

  2. Awww, Boo Boo. Sorry you're crusty and oozy and loose. I'd still hit dat.

    You just need kale.

    1. You and your damn kale.

    2. I have to agree with Lee on this one. I don't need any damn kale! ;)

  3. Good lord...I'm trying to eat my breakfast here, not choke it down. BLAH.

    1. Hey, who told you to read blogs whilst attempting a meal? Certainly not I!

      Eating is healthier when single-tasked. All the studies say so. Seated, with friends or family, if possible. :)

    2. I'm at work. There is no friends or family here.

    3. You don't eat breakfast at home? Only time I eat breakfast at work instead of home is if I have an early call time on set, and then I sit down to eat with the people who will end up being my friends for the day. I don't try to multi-task while eating.

    4. I can't eat too early in the morning, my stomach is only ready for food after an hour or 2 after I get up, so I take it to work. I don't multi task, I just read. No different than eating and talking. I try not to multi-task. It is actually bad for the brain.

    5. ... and appetite & digestion, I guess! ;)


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