Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fairly Certain MY "June Gloom" Happened in May

Southern California is known for "June Gloom", meaning, while the rest of the world suddenly gets to enjoy some sunshine for the first time in a long time, we get cloudy, overcast, Depressing Days. Y'all know I suffer from occasional Depression, right? Of course you do. I've blogged about it numerous times. My most recent bout was so mild, even for me, that I didn't recognize that I was, in fact, Depressed. But as I pointed out in this post, Stephen recognized that I was, and he reminded me that #DepressionLies, and he did whatever he did to help me climb outta that hole.

You also know that my Birthday is coming up, right? Of course you do. I've blogged about it numerous times. I will have made my Spiritual Trip around our Sun in this Physical Meatsack I'm wearing FIFTY times, as of Friday. (I have, actually, already reached that number, but Friday is the anniversary of when Mommy pushed me outta my warm cocoon). FIFTY is a milestone, so I've got some homeowner friends, who love having people hang out in their backyard, hosting a milestone birthday "blowout" gathering of new friends and "old" in their backyard on Saturday. My only real job in the "planning" of this event was creating the event invite and making sure that there will be some guests to hang out with. Stephen and the other host-husband have been dealing with my 80's playlist. If we only listen to the thumbdrive of actual songs Stephen has loaded, we'll have more than 9 hours of music playing. If the other host-husband has Spotify stream the (Excel Spreadsheet that I created, listing the) Billboard Top 100 Songs from every year of the 1980's plus the year of my birth plus Every Number One on my Birthday, we'll have music to last a week. It's a lot of music. Music is done, man.
Homeowner-wife and I are supposed to do a little barbecue-meats shopping, in addition to whatever else we feel we need before it becomes last-minute, but here it is Wednesday night, and she hasn't made the "when are we going shopping?" call or text, which I'm guessing means I'll probably hear from her tomorrow or Friday. No big. If I'm working, I guess it'll be Stephen shopping.

I made a list of shoulds that have been contributing to my Depression. I have, of late, and wherefore I know not, regained my mirth, completed many of these tasks, and I am actually looking forward to this weekend. I hope more people who are invited via the Facebook invite will see and open the invite soon, and RSVP to it as soon as they see it. A decent crowd has responded so far, but there are a lot of people in the Los Angeles area I'd love to spend some time with, one-on-one, in a fairly casual, 80's themed backyard party!

Three (Nine) Good Things:

  1. Hair is under control. Roots dyed, ends trimmed, appropriate places to shave shaved.
  2. Car is maintained. Oil change and wash. Not "detailed" but that's not what I was looking for. Recent registration renewal sticker applied (finally) to clean plate. Insurance maintained monthly. No tickets; no accidents; no negatives. Love my yellow Fit!
  3. Driver's License renewed. Made an appointment for today, at a DMV that was an easy but unfamiliar drive, 20 miles away. Got there 43 minutes before my appointment time; walked out with the temporary license (until they mail me the real dealio) with two minutes to spare before my appointment was to start!
  4. Wore makeup today, for #3. Just a little blush and mascara. Gettin' pretty tanned these days, so I'm hoping the pic we took will be worth the next 10 - 15 years (California renews by mail 2 times out of 3). Fingers crossed!
  5. Have been getting all my steps, despite the fact that the non-FitBit thingy doesn't recognize walking in the cold pool or every step I take when I'm dancing along to the 80's playlist! Yes, I got into the freezing cold pool today, and I walked in the shallow end for about an hour, wearing the thingy at my neck (because, ya know, not good to submerge it). Got the needed steps in after the cold pool.
  6. Allergies are ... meh. The other day? Not A Single Cough or Throat-Clearing. Today? No "coughing" but plenty of throat-clearing efforts. Dunno. Whatevs.
  7. Got my birthday check from Daddy (Thanks, Daddy!) and immediately got it deposited. Credit Union has finally joined the 21st Century and offers immediate Mobile Deposit of checks in my smartphone. Have not yet designated what I shall spend my Birthday Cash on. *shrugs* Spent $33 on my new license today. Had to be done. Spent $34 on the car the other day. Had to be done. *shrugs*
  8. Am on top of the work-search. Haven't booked anything since that really low-budget dealio last Monday (for which I haven't yet been paid; whaddup widdat?), but I've been a little "nervous" that I would suddenly get hired back at Warner Bros. just in time to not be able to take Saturday off. So I'll check in with HR again tomorrow, probably. And continue looking for all the industry work that I know is out there. And Saturday could be a networking party, for me or others, and since the homeowner-hosts are in the know, I know that no one will mind (that was a lot of the homonym "no" just now, no?).
  9. Got wine. No chocolate. Gonna make key lime pie ice cream sammiches for the party tomorrow. Might make a coconut cheesecake, too, if I feel inclined. For tonight, there's wine.


  1. I don't know if it's just out where you are. Everyone around me who suffers from depression seems to be in a "low" right now -- family members, friends, co-workers... I was just talking to Hubster about that last night. Hope you have a happyhappy!

    1. Just about everyone I know who suffers from any kind of Depression has also indicated being in a hole, but I'm really talking about how my mental health relates to the weather phenomenon known as June Gloom.

      But as for the birthday, InnerHippie appeared outta nowhere to surprise me just before midnight, which was AWESOME. We're spending today together just farting around; probably get a donut somewhere since it's also (National?) Donut Day.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMELLE!!!! I hope you have a great, wonderful, stupendous day today. You deserve it, especially after everything you've been going through lately. I hope you have a great party tomorrow night as well.

    1. Thanks, Lee. Everyone deserves to have a good day on their birthday, unless, ya know, they've been a complete dickwhistle or douchecanoe.

      So far, so good!

    2. LOL Douchecanoe...I'll have to remember that one.

    3. It's one of my new favorite creative curses.

  3. Just discovered your blog - adding to my feed reading thing straight away. What non-fit-bit thing do you have? I've been wondering about getting one for a while.

    1. It's a clip-on (waistband vs. Wristband) that I wear under my clothes so it's hidden, made by Jawbone, called an UP Move. I have no idea how it compares to FitBit or even the free apps you can find in your phone. It does what I bought it for. Sometimes the app "coach" annoys me. ;)

      Thanks for joining my readership & for commenting! What brought you here?

  4. Just checking in to see if you're ok. You haven't posted anything for a while. Hope everything is alright.

    1. Thanks, Lee.

      I started a new post the other day and never got around to finishing it. Truth be told, all I started was the title, so by the time I get back, that'll probably change anyway.

      Gonna be a mostly-offline-for-me weekend, in that my computer'll likely be tied up in a special project for someone else.


      Thanks for asking. :)

    2. Geez, you were freaking me out. Don't do that. :)

    3. I'm sorry you were freaked out. My absence wasn't purposeful or malicious or intentionally-directed-at-YOU, Lee. ;)

      Your checking back in is appreciated. Even if I don't feel like I have anything to post, I do at least check my stats (not daily, but more regularly than I post), so if someone comments, I can at least respond. My sister used to be my #1 commenter, but lately she's got her own whatever going on, keeping her more mum than previously. She came to see me, so that was good.


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