Saturday, June 25, 2016

OMG, I so LOVE this movie! (and other reviews)

Inception: just outta the blue, after a conversation that covered a lot of topics, Stephen directed my attention to the wall of movies/the DVR and Netflix queues (in the hopes I would pick our movie). The title on the wall caught my eye, and since neither of us had watched it in a long while, we decided that this would be our viewing choice of the night. I suggested early on that if we had time, we also watch Looper, for the "time-traveling" JGL. But there wasn't time tonight to watch Looper, so instead, we started watching some of the BTS stuff on the Blu-Ray disc. Amazingly, I don't recall having watched this stuff before. Weird.

Anyhoo, I absolutely love this movie (and always have). Once they get into the various levels of dreaming (if you haven't seen it, just watch and pay attention), it gets Absolutely Beautiful (visually) and Beautifully Conceived (thematically). Chris Nolan, as a writer/director; Leo diCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page and Tom Hardy and Ken Watanabe and Marion Cotillard and that dude whose name I can never seem to pronounce (I always think it's got an "r" or two, rather than "l"s). Wow. If you've somehow missed watching this one, I don't want to say anything to spoil it; You Should Definitely Take the Time to Experience this Film. No, you don't just "watch" it. You Experience It. Also, it is a Warner Bros. film, and I have fond memories of describing the BTS of the hotel corridor scenes during my tours.

Finding Dory: this movie was released on my Baby Brother's Birthday! He has two small children, so I'm betting that his whole family unit has gone to see it by now. That idea makes me happy. You see, a few nights ago, we watched Finding Nemo again, because we knew the chances of us going to see Finding Dory today would be high. We were both very happy to have re-watched Finding Nemo, because Finding Dory is both a pre-quel and a sequel. Fabulous. If you love Pixar films; if you're not afraid of Pixar killing off a character or two that you already love, or that you've grown (during this particular film) to love, then you're already ready to watch this film, unless you've already gone to see it, in which case, you're probably ready to watch it again. I won't give any spoilers except to say that Pixar manages to tug exactly the right heart-strings, as usual, and this film doesn't in any way feel like it was Thirteen years ago that we were first introduced to the three main characters.If you haven't yet decided to see it, primarily because you hate seeing "kids'" films in a theater - with random kids - then find the last weeknight showing, and see it with adults. You won't be sorry. I promise. Also, at least two recognizable Modern Family voices in the new one. That made us smile. That's one of our fave shows.

Godzilla (2014): Don't bother. The "hero" that we are meant to root for is Not Ever heroic or even particularly likeable (not that he's particularly UN-likeable). The monster is almost not seen at all, and the monster is the true hero; there is a moment, early on, where the camera work teases us about a particular character being played by David Strathairn, even though we've already seen his name in the credits, and there is No Way we could not recognize his voice... and then they reveal that that particular character is actually being played by ... David Strathairn! WTF? This movie keeps trying to string us along, in the hopes that we will like it. There's just really Very Little To Like. Seriously, Don't Bother. If you're looking for a campy, over-the-top but "realistic" Radioactively-Enhanced Lizard Flick, stick with Matthew Broderick in the 1998 version (OMG, really? almost twenty years ago? Day-Um). It's way more funnerer, at least. Plus, youngish Matthew Broderick!

Person of Interest Series Finale: WTF, CBS? We loved this show; we loved all the characters; we loved the actors playing the roles; we loved the story arcs and how they were being told. Then CBS cancels the series altogether with just enough time for the writers to "close" the story. For Shit. So Disappointing. In case you haven't watched any of the show, well, you can go ahead and binge-watch from the beginning, and see the devastating loss of Taraji P. Henson (and ONLY Taraji), but still get strung along through the course of the series, only to end it... weakly. Harumph.

That's what we've been watching, or at least what I remember to review. We did re-watch Independence Day "recently" but Will Not be seeing its sequel, at least not "out" in the world, If it gets cheap enough when it comes out on Blu=Ray, we may buy it unseen. Also, I began this post last night, so if I say "today/tonight" then be aware I'm talkin' 'bout Friday the 24th, not truly "today". I gave myself the gift of a day to proof it before posting. You wanna do better? Then Do It. Blog, and post a link so I can add you to my list over there ==>

 Have you watched something recently that I should review?


  1. I'm searching for some stuff to watch at the moment, and haven't seen Looper, so will have to check it out.

    1. If you like JGL or Bruce Willis or time-travel sci-fi, then you w like Looper. Only weird thing to get past is the "making JGL look like a young BW" makeup/CGI. It's not too distracting, tho.

  2. Rian Johnson directed Looper, which I haven't seen yet, but he's also the one who's writing and directing Star Wars Episode 8, so I'm curious what he's going to do with it.

    Not a fan of Inception. I found it boring personally.

    Finding Dory was amazing. I don't remember anyone dying in it though...not sure who you meant?

    And yeah, Godzilla was meh.

    1. I may have been misremembering NEMO when I reviewed DORY (his mom dies), but Pixar is good at tugging at heartstrings, so I figured anyone who remembers that Pixar will do that to ya would want to be prepared for some loss prior to seeing it.

      I don't care about SW Ep 8 AT ALL. I'm sure I'll see it, but who writes/directs it is not going to be a factor for me.

    2. Well if you liked Looper, then you may actually like SW ep 8. Especially since there will be more LUKE SKYWALKER YAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

      I'll let the mixup for Nemo and Dory slide this time...but just don't let it happen again. ;)

    3. I may actually "like" SW Ep 8 but I don't actually CARE about it At All at this point. I'm a Trekkie, not a Wartian.

      I like Mark Hamill now that he's grown up and Luke is no longer that whiny brat he was.

    4. Bah. You have no taste. I hope you're not calling yourself a Trekkie because of the new films. Cause they are not Star Trek.

    5. Lee, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and they all stink. I became a Trekkie with Next Gen, and I LOVE the reboot. Yes, I grew up on REAL Star Wars, but when George Lucas ruined the franchise with the prequels, I lost interest in all of it.

      Don't tell me I have no taste. It's rude.

    6. You should know by now I am both rude, and always teasing.

    7. I can handle always teasing. You're not usually rude.


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