Monday, June 13, 2016

So what else?

After the big milestone birthday "blowout" gathering of new friends and "old", the rest of my weekend was pretty chill. Except that I tripped over my laptop cord or bag, or possibly just slipped in my sockfeet on my marble tile living room floor, landing hard on my right elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle (more upper body than lower, somehow). Enjoy some fun photos! Let me just say here, these are pics of my ELBOW, which is a difficult body part to self-photograph.
I scraped my elbow in what felt like a vertical
fall onto marble tile. Scraped that mofo.

Also, immediately formed a knot, which began bruising,
also immediately.

last night: looks like someone stuck a big,
circular bruise sticker on me

also last night, a different angle,
shot in the medicine cabinet mirror

today, new angle into the tilting mirror

also today, to show you the weird "lump"
that the circular bruise "sticker" makes
The rest of the week has been consumed in getting my steps, looking for work, drinking grown-up Koolaid, and eating hot dogs or burgers because we have a lot of them. Also, my left foot started hurting in the arch, and I don't know if that's because I'm somehow overcompensating for my right-side pain from the fall, or if my new sneaks have me walking differently. The last couple of days, I'm taking more steps than 10,000, but I'm not walking as quickly. I don't like that. I don't mind walking 11k or 12k or 13k, but I'd like to be able to maintain 3.5mph. It's not that that speed makes me winded or anything; it has everything to do with what feels like a lack of arch support. I say "feels like" because I know that's not the problem. The new kicks have significantly more arch support than the old ones did. Ennyhoo. Foot pain, yay. Good news is, the pain I was feeling in the instep of my right foot has either abated or I just don't even notice it anymore because the pain in my left arch is so excruciating! Woo Hoo!

On a side note, in addition to the non-FitBit thingy that I wear daily, I had also downloaded a free Google app to my phone to track my fitness, and the other day, it said that I had taken a 13-minute bike ride. And since it's Google, it shows that that bike ride happened within my apartment building. I don't have access to a bicycle, so What? Crazy.

Three Good Things: My allergies have been pretty calm this week. Cocoa's started using the new scratching post (well, the base of it, at least). My Depression seems to have lifted. I've made a little progress toward networking better for more film work. I seem to be back to blogging (we'll see). I've had a few walking-sampling lunches this week.

And speaking of food: Friday night, the homeowner-hosts of my party renewed their Chuck-E-Cheese dealios (they have a five-year-old), and since it's physically located just over 100 steps from my front door, I went to hang out with them for a little bit (as if we hadn't seen each other in ages, LOL). Chuck-E-Cheese pizza, y'all. Not "bad", per se; probably only not good for ya. Saturday night, I nuked us up some Trader Joe's tamales. Good Stuff. Last night, Stephen's Good Work Reward took us out to eat. Taco Bell, man. YUMMMM. Not hot dogs nor hamburgers, for three straight nights. Good Times.

This morning, I dreamt of Mommy. Or more like, I dreamt of dreaming of Mommy. I awoke within my dream, crying, because I knew it was only a dream. Ten years, kids. Some days, it feels like it just happened. Sucks.

And now you're caught up. Have you done anything as exciting as I have in the last week or so?


  1. The Google tracking thing reminded me of the time I cycled to work, and Google somehow thought I had travelled 10x further, and broke the sound barrier (on my bicycle).

    1. I love it. Gives a new meaning to "just Google it", doesn't it?

  2. It's possible your new shoes have too much arch support. I was reading up on it not too long ago that we should rely on arch support too much and should actually walk around in bare feet or socks sometimes. The theory was, arch support doesn't actually strengthen the arch. Kind of like wearing a knee brace helps support the knee but doesn't strengthen it.

    Nasty fall. Good thing you didn't break a know, your age and all.

    1. The new shoes have sufficient arch support. They're "athletic" shoes, built for walking but not necessarily running (i.e. they were cheap). I spend a lot more time barefoot than anyone else I know. I only wear the knee brace when my knee acts up, and I only wear ANY shoes when I'm out in the world. Don't wanna try to get my steps in barefoot, on city concrete with dogpoop, broken glass, or bodily fluids just waiting for me to step on it. Blech.

      You'll be lucky to live long enough to break a hip, Lee, if you keep joking about my age!

    2. LOL

      I didn't say walk outside barefoot ya nut. I meant indoors.

      Well I dunno. I get arch pain not too often, not sure why.

    3. I'm planning to find a reflexologist today while I'm out stepping; see if a single GOOD foot massage helps (since I'm rubbish at it, for myself).

    4. I have the reflexology boots at my house. My dad used to do it for a while, then he gave me the boots. Make sure if you're looking for one that they do the hand massage way as well as the boots if that's what you prefer. If they're a real reflexologist they'll know how to do both.

    5. What the Hell are reflexology BOOTS?

      I did go for a massage; it was good, but my pain returned shortly after, so I'm pretty sure it's my left side overcompensating the right side landing. :(

    6. It's been around for years. You put boots on that kind of suction your feet in them and are supposed to be way better then just doing the reflexology foot massage. It sometimes helps me with my CFS. Depends how bad it is, but I use them on myself. Although with your arch pain that probably wouldn't have been a good thing to use as it puts pressure on your feet.

    7. Since the idea of reflexology is to target other systems through the massage of specific areas of the feet, I can see that helping with CFS or just allergies/sinus issues, even. But yeah, I don't know that I have other systems to target right now. It's pretty much just in my foot.

  3. The item from time to time facilitates everyone having the CFS. Will depend the way awful it truly is, although I exploit these individuals with myself personally. While with all your arc agony of which likely couldn't are great make use of the way it positions demand with your legs.


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