Monday, May 1, 2017

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down (sing it if ya know it, kids)

Went to bed fairly early last night. Got up pretty early because of it. This is not a problem. I'm just sayin'...

Our morning was overcast, and even though my "successful" day at the pool yesterday "inspired" Daddy to indicate that he may also head that way, we kinda knew that the water temperature on the first day of May would be uncomfortably cold, if the sun stayed hidden behind clouds. So we ditched that as a possible plan, for today, at least.

We called Uncle Leroy to see about rescheduling our lunch date. I'm not leaving here until the 10th, so we settled on Sunday again. Maybe before then we'll see the other family we've already seen; maybe not. We're still keeping tabs, by phone/text, because that's what we do. So, Sunday lunch with the L's.

We also (both) emailed the neighbor bff's who went back to Canada shortly after I got here, because somehow, they were being left outta the loop regarding Daddy's health, and that needed fixin'. So we fixed it.

Daddy grabbed a dozen golf balls from the garage and his #3 hybrid wood, and we went out back. After an ugly swing, he hit all twelve off towards the green behind his house. Don't worry, the green's not so close he'll actually get a ball up there, at least not at this stage of his "game". Once that's a worry, he'll have already made it back out onto the course, and he won't need to go to any driving range for muscle memory of his swing.

We came back into the house after the dozen because the lawn dudes were mulching out back, and because it was beginning to look like it might rain. And then it did rain. I even tweeted about it, because I was a little bit excited to be able to hear it, and see it falling at 45º towards the back porch. Daddy suggested we sit on the back porch swing, but I reminded him that at that angle, the swing was very likely already soaked.

While I sat hoping for the thunderstorm that the meteorologists were predicting, Daddy got a bit melancholy and played the Karen Carpenter tune that he kept in his queue for days such as today. I sang along, and it had a melancholic effect on me.

So we watched some Doctor Who, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Daddy watched a couple of "his" crime shows, and we snacked on proteins like tuna salad and pb&j. Then around 5, he decided to take a nap, and since I had a step challenge to meet, I took a walk around the block. Stepping out his front door, there's the overwhelming smell of a broken jar of olives. Walking down his sidewalk (on HIS street only, not around the whole block), that scent is everywhere.

I love olives, but that was a very weird thing. The only thing we can figure is the mulch that the landscapers are pouring everywhere for some reason smells like olives. They've only just finished Daddy's street today, both in front and back yards. So. #ILoveYouOliveJuice (enunciate both phrases into a mirror; they look the same to someone who reads lips) #OrSoIveBeenTold #PossiblyAnOldMommyTale (that's "Or So I've" not "or solve", fyi)

Woke Daddy from his nap, and we watched more Doctor Who. We have one final David Tennant episode, which means we've completed Donna's companionship, as well as getting to see the entire gang of companions & wannabe companions, all together, saving the universe. Of course, by the end of S4 E14, I'm a bit of a blubbering mess, so more melancholy.

And it never stormed. But today was pretty much both a Rainy Day and a Monday, so we were Down.

Does any music alter your mood just by hearing it or thinking about it? Do you have specific music you like to listen to BECAUSE it will alter your mood? 


  1. Oh man, the final David Tennant episode makes me ugly cry. "I don't want to go."

    Lately, I've been listening to the new (and some older) Ed Sheeran. Never really been a fan, but for some reason, it's making me want to dance. "Galway Girl" is my current go to pick-me-up song.

    1. Yeah, I am both looking forward to and dreading the next ep, for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the ugly cry.

      Not familiar with Ed Sheeran. I'll have to give him a listen. Anything that moves the body is okay in my book.

      Thank you for commenting, Sarah. I blog to interact. :)


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