Tuesday, March 11, 2014

going "off-grid" for a few days

The stores are still open but I won't be home during daylight ("business") hours to "man" them... I've got a cash gig, unpacking artwork for one of the High Point Furniture Market galleries.  I've done the work before, but this time around, I get to be "foreman" for the crew... tracking time and all that so we all get paid.

It'll be a good gig, and I'm hopeful that my workers will feel the same.  But I haven't held an 8-hour day job in awhile, so I'm heading off to bed shortly and getting up at a reasonable hour in the morning (vs. the sleeping in I've been allowing myself), packing a lunch and my necessary tools and


Woo Hoo!


So you may not see me or hear from me again until next week.  G'Night, Gracie. ;)

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