Friday, March 28, 2014

So, What Happened?

Yesterday, I started my day with a text message from a woman I'd done some bill-paying for back home.  I was originally a twice-a-month subcontractor, but toward the end, I'd see her weekly (in trying to "train" the next personal assistant).  Her message was out of the blue, to be sure, but it was along the lines of "thinking of you - how are you - miss you" so I replied to let her know we'd be coming home in July.  She expressed an urgency (come home sooner) and then let me know how she's been, etc.  I told her she was funny and said the only way I could get home sooner was if she could employ me full time.  She told me she would probably be "divorcing" her business partner, and I didn't know how to respond, so I left it there.

Then I completed a "Best Offer" on a tall, heavy, FRAGILE (all porcelain) doll and had to ship it out.  She'd been listed for over a month, and we'd reduced her auction price and "Buy It Now" price but she'd had no movement; very few views, and no watchers.  So when she completed her last auction, I let her sit idle for a few days and then changed her to a "fixed price" item, even though ebay kept telling me "you'll have 50% more views if you list as auction" (ahem, BULL).  I included "OBO" in the price.  Then we ignored her for a bit and focused on the teddy bears (all of which are listed at $5 OBO) that I'd actually sold but was waiting to ship in case the person who bought them also won the wooden cradle auction.  Long story short (I know, too late), the cradle auction wraps up today, but the bears buyer responded when ebay said "PAY FOR YOUR STUFF" and in the meantime, I got an offer on the porcelain doll, which I accepted.

So I had to wrap each of her limbs in bubblewrap and a paper wine bag, separate them further with more bubblewrap and paper and her knit blanket, stuff the original box into an outer box, line those empty spaces with paper, cut down the outer box, tape it all up and ship it.  It weighed 8 pounds.  Stephen took my car to work, so I'd get to drive the van to the post office, unless I managed to catch my mailman in time.  I cannot see my mailboxes from my apartment, so I made quite a few trips outside to where I COULD see, after the first one where I'd left him a "please honk at me if you don't see me" note, and just shy of 11:00, I saw him pull up and open the mailboxes.  Back up the stairs to fetch the eight-pounder, but I DID get her in his hands, and collect what little mail (and my note), and come back in ACCOMPLISHED.

Then there was a whole day of a stupid "Breast Cancer Awareness" game on Facebook.  I'm not saying that awareness of breast cancer is stupid; the game was stupid.  And it caused a stir in its stupidity.  And lots of my friends and family were (at least momentarily) "fooled" into thinking that I am pregnant.  I am not.  If I were, I wouldn't say "Guess it was too good to be true. I’m pregnant. "  Because really, how DO you respond to the latent "I'm unhappy with this situation" sentiment that's RIGHT THERE?

Anyway, I left that for a bit and listed two more dolls.  Then Stephen got home from work, saw the Facebook status and ASKED me "what does that mean, exactly?" and I was able to protect him from the game by telling him to NOT "like" or "comment."  Yay, me, #bestwifeever.  Right.  Then we went out to dinner in the next town, because one of our friends from HOME was in town on a gig.  Weirdest night in my recent history, if not ever.  That's because that particular friend's quirks are well known to Stephen but not to me.  When we get home, especially if we end up living in his apartment complex, then I'll get to know him better, and last night will be one I'll look back on as a starting-point, probably.  It wasn't a NEGATIVE weirdness for me.  Just weirdness.

Got home and decided to put an end to the FB game.  I was unsuccessful in that attempt.  Today I received a congratulatory private message.  Damn.  But I ALSO received another text from the businesswoman - "Hurry back now.  We need you!!"  I replied (again) with our timetable, but did I miss something?  Did she offer me a JOB?  Nah.


Today, I'm going to sort through all the rest of the dolls and get anything "bunny" listed.  It'll be a Bunny Day.  There are a TON of "bunny" items listed (on ebay in general, not yet in my store), and most of them are actually moving, because Easter is coming, and a stuffed bunny is a MUCH better gift than a live one.  Happy Bunny Day!  (And Happy Birthday, Rachel)

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