Saturday, March 22, 2014

I sound like a crazy woman.

TODAY's big project is adding more dolls and comics (mostly comics, so far) to the store, as well as taking pictures of FURNITURE and TRAINS.

Well, okay, the dolls and furniture and trains will probably wait until tomorrow or the next day.  But in Stephen's time off from his "real job" we've driven to a couple of local places that could BUY things like books and furniture and trains (haven't found nor even sought out a local DOLL shop).  We've already taken all the hardbacks and paperbacks (actual BOOKS) into the local "chain" used bookstores for cash/store credit, and we've come home with still too many.  We will likely make a trip to a new bookstore, see what we can unload, and then the rest goes back to the first store for store credit, and we'll come home with a handful of Blu-Rays rather than several boxes of books!  Win!

The train store was interesting.  The guy there only wants NEW stuff, and compared our Post-War train sets to a rotary phone that we might go into a wireless store to sell.  Stephen already found a place online that will accept your photos and inventory list, give you a quote, and have you ship 'em out (or maybe they're actually local and come pick 'em up?  I don't remember).  And they WANT the old stuff.  So we'll see about that.  If they offer us enough for enough to leave us with one working set, then we'll take one set home with us to establish a new-for-us-but-very-"traditional" tradition of a Christmas tree train and track.  We know there's at least one engine that's strong and has a functional smokestack, so that's our latest likelihood.  If they want to give us TOO MUCH for the working sets, then we'll keep a short length of track, one landscape "prop" and one non-functional engine, and mount it all in a Shadowbox.  Either way, we still have a piece of his Dad to take back to California.

The furniture store was a good fact-finding mission, and when we left there, we were going to wait until about May to follow-up.  Take a few pics for local peeps who have expressed interest, see what we can get, possibly lug everything to a yard sale or flea market (the flea market fact-finding trips were not horrible), and THEN try to get someone out to the apartment (rather than lugging it back out to the store) if our photos taken at that time generate any interest at all.  As of today, though, Stephen was all "we have GOT to clear out this space!  Sooner rather than later!  Let's see what's wrong with your dresser and get some pics!  Let's get some other photos of any furniture that might sell!  Oh, and while you're at it, I want to list these comics, but not individually, so I can't list them on Amazon, so will you take pics of these collections, while you're at it?" etc. etc.  (No, he probably did not repeat "while you're at it" but I was expressing his sudden urgency.)

So he started creating listings, and I started taking pictures.  And in between postings, I've gone back to email and Facebook, because while "ebaying" is kinda fun, it can also be draining.  And then I came here.  And now I can do some more ebaying, because I've rested sufficiently, and I think my camera battery is probably fully charged again, and... Wow.  I sound like a crazy woman.  S'okay.  I may very well be.

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