Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Selling stuff is "weird," Part Three

Are y'all getting tired of this theme yet?  Last week, I went off-grid so I could do some physical labor.  In the meantime, nothing new got listed at either online store.  A few things got sold, and there was time to ship those few things out, but I had been running out of bubble wrap (and was really hoping to come home from the Furniture Market with a ton of gently-used b.w. but no such luck this pass), so my packing wasn't necessarily as careful.

The Amazon store took a "starmeter" hit when we had inaccurately posted an item that we had to tell the buyer about, and then cancel the sale at the buyer's request.  The ebay store received a positive review that mentioned some breakage... and then a message from another buyer who informed us of breakage... and then an issue from a different buyer with Buyer's Remorse.

The Amazon starmeter has since climbed a little bit on a daily basis, so we went from a 100% (A+) grade to an 85.something% (solid B) grade to increasingly better.  It's only been a few days, and we're back at 90.something% (minimal A).  I'm not sweating it, but it did bother Stephen that not enough of his buyers are giving him ANY ratings - we've been in biz this long and he's gotten FOUR 100%s.

I didn't follow up with the positive reviewer who mentioned breakage, because honestly, I don't know what good it would do.  She already gave us the 100%, with a written caveat.

I followed up with the message regarding breakage, but haven't heard back from him.  I think maybe he just wanted to let me know to pack porcelain parts better, but he still feels like he got a good deal and wants to go about any necessary repairs on his own.  I'm hoping that is the case, and that he will rate me as a seller with high marks.  The doll he bought is just beautiful, and I would hate to have to receive it back from him.  I'm willing, if he requests it.

The last message - the Buyer's Remorse one - got us both in a dither today.  I am not a doll collector, so every doll I list is based on photographs and other folks' listings and is priced below what comparable dolls are going for.  I mention that I have no other information, but if anyone is interested in a listing, they should definitely address their concerns BEFORE they buy it.  If anyone has ANSWERS, I will appreciate their input (regarding unknown markings).  I'm honest about not accepting returns, so know what you're buying before paying for it.  Anyway, I apparently listed a reproduction of an antique as an antique.  At my non-auction price, the doll was an absolute STEAL - if it were an antique.  At the auction price, it was still VERY REASONABLE - even as a repro.  But this chick wants to make a profit, and snagged it at the auction price, and now she thinks we committed fraud.  She's not filing a claim through ebay, though, because she realizes that HAD SHE FOLLOWED INSTRUCTIONS, she wouldn't be in this mess.  We've made an offer of a small refund.  We'll see what she has to say about it.

I'm grinding my teeth at night (PTL for anti-bruxism night guards!) over all of this crap that doesn't mean ANYTHING more than an additional "get us home" funding source.  I wish I could not give a crap.  I can't.  While I have an online store, I want to run it in the most professional manner.  Call me crazy.  It's weird.

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