Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween, or Foto Friday!

First part of the day = Restaurant employees somehow managing to "work" in costume: Renaissance Wench, Creepy Rob Lowe, Calisi (sp?), Han Solo/Princess Leia, and "Haunted T-Shirt" Kat

Final part of the day, a small "party": Sasha the cat wants some good grub, Jen as a witch, Stephen as Phillip Marlowe, Brendan & Dave as rain-soaked pirates, me as a flapper (Jen did a fine job of drawing on my stocking seams, but no pics, alas).  G'nite!


  1. *Khaleesi, by the way - I seriously think you would totally enjoy Game of Thrones - that is, if you ever had the time to watch 4 seasons (or is it 3 - I can't remember any more) of the very best medieval period show out there.

    1. I just don't have time, nor the interest. Stephen reads the books, and he's got no interest, even though we know the high quality of production value in HBO. I don't go out of my way to see LOTR stuff, either, even though I enjoy them when I do see them. High production value =/= "interest" on my part.

      Thanks for the spelling correction, though. ;)


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