Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Musings

Last week was busy. On Monday, we both went over to Universal Studios Theme Park for the “Speed Dating Interview” to be Tour Guides. No idea what exactly they were seeking in their new employee pool, but neither of us was it.

Tuesday, I was booked as a nurse on one of those new (?) cancer-themed hour-long dramas. It was an easy day, and I networked with some of the crew, to see if I couldn’t get asked back as either a background nurse or as a Production Assistant. It’s not a short distance from home, but it’s an easy drive for a decent paycheck.

On Wednesday, I sat in Craig Ferguson’s audience and then went to the Warner Brothers Studio Lot to take the “VIP” tour. It wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every penny, both from the POV of a tourist and that of someone doing “research”.

Thursday night, I was booked as a “government employee” pedestrian on another hour-long drama, on the backlot at Warner Brothers. During my tour the day before, we’d seen members of the crew dressing the set, and we weren’t allowed to get close (can’t interrupt actual work going on).

Friday morning, I was back on the WB Studio Lot, interviewing and auditioning for the temporary/seasonal job of TOUR GUIDE. It was scary and nerve-wracking and fun, and according to my friend who was also there, I pretty much aced it. After lunch, I was called into a room where I completed my “background check” forms; barring some unexpected glitch in that system, I should receive an offer of employment within the next two weeks! My friend only had a one- or two-minute interview before she was sent into the “background check” room – so I gave her a ride home, and in the next couple of weeks, we’ll likely be doing a carpool thing for our training! Woot!

Had a couple of free movie passes (that had lived in Stephen’s wallet for the last three years, since they were for a specific theater chain which didn’t exist near us in North Carolina). On Saturday, we walked over to the mall and saw “Cinderella” – the passes were still good (the bar codes were still legible) – YAY!

  • Our review: very nice take on the story that we all know. Hadn’t seen many trailers beforehand or had any knowledge of the cast beyond Cinderella herself, so we were quite frequently pleasantly surprised by the appearance of this actor or that one in particular roles. Beautifully done. We’ll likely own the Blu-Ray when it comes out, because I imagine there will be plenty of special features on it, and I’m willing to watch the flick numerous times.

Yesterday, I went downtown to “set-sit” at a soundstage that belongs to some friends of mine, while a small electronic-strings instrumental girl band was shooting their music video. Easy gig that I will feel badly about invoicing my friends for, if they ask. I did nothing related to the shoot or the soundstage while I was there. The production was pretty self-sufficient, and they even fed me a huge burger, just because I was there! I’d always thought being a background actor was the easiest job in this industry, but I guess there’s one job that’s easier: liaison for a small production to the location owner, as long as you’re not actually expected to know or do anything. Caught up on my internets. J

Got back in last night to watch Reese Witherspoon guest-host Saturday Night Live. The new cast (or possibly the new writers, if they are not one and the same) are abysmal. No wonder we don't watch anymore. After that wasted hour, we started Call the Midwife. That one's going to help us recover when we lose Downton Abbey.

TODAY, I’m on set as a nurse again. Same hour-long drama as last week. Got recalled! Shazam! Have spoken with the PA who checked us in and out, and he’s planning on leaving after today! The rest of the industry is officially on “hiatus” but this show is only halfway through its season, which means… they just might need another PA. Which means, I could possibly pick up an occasional day here, at least until I know what the schedule at Warner Brothers will look like.

This was an official “short” day on set, and I’m already home. Since the weather has warmed again, I’m going to hit the pool now, and then check my internets once I’m back upstairs.

In other “news”, we’re getting ready to dump Verizon for a MetroPCS plan that’s half the price. If you live in a large metropolitan area like Los Angeles, what has been your experience with dropping “the best” wireless coverage (with rapidly declining customer service) for a smaller, cheaper company? We have until Saturday to make a decision.

What do I get to do tomorrow? And what have you been up to all week?


  1. Congrats on being back in your own sphere.

  2. Well done on the callback! I haven't done anything nearly as exciting as you! Went into work with Luke to see if I could trap another cat to be spayed - no luck though this time, will try again next week. Then I have cooked a lot and eaten a lot!! The WB Studio Tour sounds just fantastic though. I would love to have done something like that this week!

    1. I DO love my life. Good for you in your trapping efforts; I know it's a great way to while away your waiting-for-your-visa time! Soon, I expect. Soon.

      ... and am I led to understand that you will be heading home for a visit soon? Or am I misreading YOUR posts?


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