Saturday, May 2, 2015

For Grown-Up Girls Who Can't Remember

I'm not really a "reader". You know this, I've said so before, and I'll likely say it again. But in one of the blogs that I read, I saw a link that was reviewing books, and even though THIS book is not the one the link was linked for, I don't think, I did see the review and the title stuck in my mind. Then I went on with my life, not intending to BUY a book to READ.

Fast-forward a few weeks. I did some bookkeeping for the friend I do that for these days, and while I was making a few copies of some bill or other, I discovered
 in a stack on the table. I carried it back upstairs with the pages I'd copied, and asked my friend if it were HER book (as in, not belonging to someone else). It was brand new; the cover was pristine. She answered in the affirmative, telling me that her friend had written it. She seemed pleased when I asked to borrow it, and replied again in the affirmative. We'd already made arrangements for me to not return to her bills for a month, so I knew I'd have time for the non-reader that I am to actually read it.


OMG, y'all. My sister, the InnerHippie, had posted on her Facebook wall some meme about crying when a fictional character gets killed, and I was only able to "relate" in that I cry at movies, over the deaths or heartaches or whatever of the fictional characters onscreen (since I don't read). THIS BOOK made me cry. Not that anyone dies or anything. It IS a work of fiction, I think. It reads perfectly autobiographically, which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. When I have, in the past, found time or inspiration to read published works, I tend to head to the autobiographies at the library. It doesn't matter who the author is; I want the voice of the person relaying the stories to be the voice of the person who experienced them in the first place.

Anyway. "Chasing the Beatles" made me laugh and cry. I am not a "girl who remembers" chasing the Beatles - I'm not old enough to be. But I did relate to the girls in their quest, and when one of them gets her heart broken in the third act, I cried and cried and cried.

If you're at all inclined to read a fiction piece that reads like an autobiography, or
If you ever liked the Beatles, or
If you were a hippie kid during the first British invasion, or
If you need to write off another short novel as "research", or
If you appreciate my reviews of anything and therefore trust my judgement,

Then you should somehow acquire a copy of this book and read it! I don't see them turning it into a film. 'K? Go out now and DO IT (or order it online, so you can be expecting a great piece of mail)!


  1. Forwarding this to a friend who was a kid during the first BI go'round & actually met Sir Paul on the sidewalk back in 1966-ish or so & has a selfie to prove it...(& yes, she's going to his upcoming concert in Columbia SC)

    1. The author acknowledge the Girls Who Remember at the end - your friend may very well have somehow contributed! Does that somehow make us all Six Degrees from Paul? THAT'd be groovy!


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