Tuesday, May 12, 2015

work, work, work...

I'm working tomorrow! YAY!

This is a really strange economy we're in at present. Stephen's been applying for this, that, and the other job ever since we got back, and when the pet supply store hired him on part-time hours, he continued looking for something full-time. He's had a handful of interviews, some in person and some over the phone, and they've mostly been pretty discouraging, because he keeps feeling baited-and-switched ("full-time" postings that turn out to be strictly part-time). I've had to encourage him to keep applying, and keep following up when possible, because in this economy the old rule "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" really seems to be highly in play.

Today he went in to work early, which meant he got home from work pretty early, which allowed him to go apply in person at a restaurant that will be opening in the next few weeks. It looks like a "burger and dog" joint, but at the interview, he actually had to take a "fine dining" test, as well as interviewing with one of the managers. So who knows? He left that one in much better spirits than others of late, and he walked around our old neighborhood to see if we maybe need to move out in that direction, once our current lease is up and/or when his mother starts her process of relocating from South Carolina.

Meanwhile, my industry keeps posting gigs for me to apply to (or not, because I definitely don't "fit" what they're looking for). And between the service that books me and my personal submissions, we're finding that I'm actually getting to work twice a week or more, doing what I love and being paid nicely for it.

Yesterday, I was a nurse. Tomorrow, I'll be a nurse. On Thursday, if I'm not booked on set, I'll be back at the personal assisting gig. And one of these days (sooner rather than later, I'm really hoping), I'll get an email or phone call from Warner Brothers asking me to begin my training as a Tour Guide. Work, work, work... YEAH, BABY!


  1. And whenever I see "work, work, work" I automatically hearken back to the time Mommy was visiting me in Deltona and Rachel was about 8 (I think - maybe 7) and I asked her to pick up her room when she burst out with "Work. Work. Work. That's all I do around here. I never get to have any fun!" It was so hard for us not to bust out laughing. That was so funny. She was dead serious, too.

    Oh, and congratulations on all the employments you've been having lately. :-)

    1. I always hear Mel Brooks' voice from "Blazing Saddles" (as the Governor) - "work, work, work, work, work, work. Hello, boys - have a good night's rest? Work, work, work..." as he's mindlessly signing paperwork, and the "boys" are his secretary's enormous boobages in his face.

      I know you don't like "Blazing Saddles" or most Mel Brooks stuff, but it is highly quotable, and it's got Gene Wilder, Cleavon Little, and Madeline Kahn, et al, so I LOVE it.


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