Wednesday, May 6, 2015


all my troubles seemed... no, that's not it.

YESTERDAY, I had a day, and I was going to blog last night, but I got in from my day, and after catching up on all the internets I missed, and filling Stephen in on my day, I neglected to tell YOU.

Yesterday morning, I watched a man on a motorcycle pull over a white cargo van. The man was dressed like a security guard more than like a cop (I'm not sure exactly what the LAPD uniform looks like in comparison to what this man was wearing), although he did have on his utility belt ALL of the accoutrement one would expect of a police officer. His BIKE, although labeled "POLICE" on the gas tank and outfitted with flashing red and blue lights, looked like a barely-street-legal dirt bike. There was no license plate, and it was definitely not the standard-issue BMW bikes that I've seen "normal looking" LAPD motorcycle cops riding. Something was "off". But did I stop, too? No freakin' way.

Then I did a teensy bit of grocery shopping and went through my old neighborhood. The connection between the (highway) 170 onto the (I-)5 now has a designated carpool lane all the way! That didn't used to be there, and it pleased me immensely. Not that I'm likely to get much use out of it - I know it will help with that merging congestion during rush hour.

Got to set early-ish. Got directed to "holding" but did not get checked in until my call time at 12:30. Went back to holding with my new friends, who'd all been waiting outside in the breeze. Turned on the laptop and attempted multiple times to connect to the internets. No dice, so I spent my considerable downtime playing Minesweeper and Solitaire. Broke for lunch. Had a great meal, and recognized the 1st AD from two previous gigs I'd worked with him in the past. Struggled to remember his name... eventually got it (it's LANGSTON, not Langdon or Landon or anything remotely easy like Leonard), and had a brief conversation with him as he was heading back to set. He vaguely remembered me, by association with the instances we spoke of. The rest of us went back to set and waited to be of use.

Eventually worked a bit, and then we all went back to our cold, dark holding area to wait to be used again or wrapped. Paid for eight hours but didn't work that long, and didn't have to fight rush hour traffic to get home. Before I left, gave my contact info to the PA who checked us in and out, in case they'd like to recall me for any gig (remember, I'll do PA work, and this was an excellent crew, so I made that fact known) - networking, Baby!

Did not get submitted for any work today. Did not get a callback to audition today for the Universal Studios Tour Guide gig (that Stephen and I both attended the initial "Speed-Dating Interview" for on Monday). Did not have time in my internets-checking to remember to submit for rush calls. Oh, well.

I'm going to go sit in an audience and laugh, clap, cheer, and dance as soon as I walk away from this post. And then I'm going to take a Warner Brothers Studio Tour so I can have an idea of what that gig is about before my all-day interview/audition on Friday. Maybe I'll book some real work for tomorrow, while I'm doing other things today. Or maybe I'll just go do some personal assistance, as that's what's currently on my docket (for tomorrow). No matter. This week's a full one!

And it really all started with the day before Yesterday...


  1. I think I would have taken down a license plate number and called the local precinct to express my concerns - but that's just me.

    You've been very busy lately, it seems and that can only be good. I'm happy for you. Too much work for me, I'm afraid. Once upon a time, I was full of energy and vim and vigor, but I think my current meds are keeping me kinda subdued. I'm very sleepy all of the time and sometimes nauseated, but I will be calling my doctor 'cause I want what you've got. I'll take a gallon, please!

  2. And then I read THIS in my feed. Huh.

    1. There was no license plate. No idea what happened to the driver in the white van - I had TOO MUCH to do! (As you said, "very busy")

      TODAY I saw a legit BMW-riding legit-looking cop pull someone else over. Pretty sure the other cop (yesterday) was NOT legit.

      The only meds I have are loratadine and glucosamine/chondroitin. My energy is BECAUSE I'm busy, in my industry, I think. Sorry you're sluggish - definitely get those meds tweaked!


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