Saturday, May 16, 2015

Snotty Saturday

So, I woke up at 7 this morning to a hang-up call, after not getting to bed until almost 1. I've been having congestion issues of late, but usually, once I get up and eat something, I'm okay. Not today.
Two-And-One-Half Hours Later, and the dripping Just. Won't. Stop.
Seriously? The webcam worked? I've been blogging for a year and a half, now... and I've TRIED so many times to Vlog... ¡IncreĆ­ble!
banana... cuz I'm a hungry Minion... juice & generic claritin so MAYBE I can breathe soon?
See, I've just figured out what the problem's been... I didn't do the juice, claritin, and banana at SEVEN when I first dragged my ass outta bed! Stoopid.

So now I've figured out the secret to posting these videos (as long as they actually post): Record and Select. Do NOT try to "preview" what's being posted, or you'll "lose the network connection" and no matter how brilliant you just were, no one in "the world" will ever see it (including "you", the person who recorded your own brilliance)!

Gonna do some stuff now. We'll be switching our cellular phone carrier later today, more than likely, and there are a few steps to be taken prior to that event.

UPDATE: The videos don't play on MY computer when I look at the posted blog, but right now as I'm updating, the second one seems to be playing a Vine version of me, here in the "write" screen. Never seen that before. I don't know what the issue is; whether I'm supposed to upload to YouTube first, or what. Since it suggests that I record it here in Blogger via my webcam, I assume that it should just work. Am I wrong in thinking that?


  1. hmmmm - I get an error message too, but if it's vids of you snotting all over, it may be for the best ;)

  2. An error occurred. Please try again later. Both videos. Maybe I need a different player?

    1. Same problem I get. When I click on the help link, it says "try later" or "reboot" or whatever rigamarole I don't feel like going through.


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