Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I watched a coupla cool celebrities help a few handfuls of contestants try to win $20,000 on a fun game show. I laughed, I danced, I clapped, I walked away with some cash in hand. Good times!

Then I went to Warner Brothers to take their VIP Studio Tour. If you ever find yourself in a touristy position here in Hollyweird, I highly recommend it. And I'm not just saying that because I hope to become a VIP Studio Tour Guide on Friday. I'm saying that because... it's a great touristy thing to do that doesn't involve huge groups of other touristy folks standing in lines for amusement park rides or other attractions like that. Each tour is limited to twelve people, and of those twelve, you might actually know one or two (if you book the tour together, of course)! I was one of only eight, and my guide and myself were the only "locals" - the others were all from countries across the pond, like Romania, Germany, and Italy! Coolness!

It was really a great tour, and I learned a lot, and I feel much better about Friday.

Got home to a lovely meal prepared by Stephen... came online and got BOOKED for tomorrow! I do have some time for personal assistance, but that particular boss-lady doesn't want me to have to rush out, so she's got me postponed until next week.



  1. I'm pretty sure that whenever Craig Ferguson is involved, there will be no shortage of laughter. :-)

    1. He is pretty freakin' HI-larious. The entire crew were wearing t-shirts that said (on the front): My host just won an EMMY ... and (on the back): What has YOUR host frickin' done?

      Great morning!


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