Wednesday, May 13, 2015

on set again today

and on hold for Friday, and am probably doing some personal assisting tomorrow.
In "holding" ... I'm a NURSE again! In Purple scrubs today, Yee Ha!
For obvious reasons, I can't tell you what the show is, ever, until after it has aired. And when I "day play" like I do so much lately, especially as a NURSE, I'm not likely to remember what the show was by the time it airs. Not that I ever get to work on shows that I watch anyway, so even if I wanted to look for myself on a show, I'm not really going out of my way to find a particular episode to put in my DVR.

Did that make sense? There's a newbie here, and his constant dialogue about this show or that one that he's worked is a bit distracting. He's talking to veterans of this biz as if he's got something new to contribute to the conversation, and it's starting to get on my nerves.

Not that I hold anything against newbies. I was a newbie once. We've all been so green we were an insult to the color green. But this dude seems to think that his 7 month tenure makes him educated about the system and the industry enough to talk about them, or that any of the rest of us have any interest. Go back to Craft Services, little man. Go 'way, kid... ya bother me.

Can we please just go to set already, so I can act like a nurse already? Please?


  1. I hear ya - people that can be tough to cope with sometimes! I always try to listen to them and converse with them and help if they need help etc, of course, but it can get a little draining.

    1. I managed to tune him out as much as possible, and let the other folks around us keep engaging him. I got the feeling that his bravado was a cover for his insecurity about whether he was doing the job right, but he wasn't in a "listening" space to offer advice (the help that we'd offered early on wasn't "absorbed" - he continued in his mode).

      Shortly after I posted, we DID get to go to set and shoot our one scene, so I just tried to keep out of earshot if he was talking. 'Sall good.


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