Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Welcome, Hungary!

Haven't seen you here before, and I apologize I haven't had a lot of new and meaningful stuff to post lately, but if you peruse the archives and decide to stick around, I promise that by the time you reach "present day" I'll have plenty of new updates!

For all of my "regular" readers, this is also a promise to you that I intend to post some NEWS by the weekend. Yup. There will be NEWS... by next weekend... yeah, I know I just sort of extended my promise, because I might be too overwhelmed by my news to tell you. Maybe not - who knows?

Happy My Birthday Plus One Week to ME!!!!!

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  1. Dear new reader(s) in Hungary, as well as my "regular" readers:

    I have delivered on my promise to post again by THIS weekend.

    Thank you for stopping by.



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