Monday, June 29, 2015

More Monday Musings

It's shy of 8:00 and I've already spent an hour in the pool (treading water and waltzing through the shallow end; yes, waltzing) and worked out with my carpool buddies that it won't be happening today.

I kinda like getting up at 6:30 every day. Yes, I do have an alarm set, and it goes off EVERY day, but it's possibly the gentlest alarm you'll ever waken to; it's certainly the gentlest alarm to ever wake me!

I wasn't on Facebook very long yesterday. I'd finished my three tours and gone shopping at Trader Joe's, and while I was snacking at the demo stand I struck up a conversation with Edie McClurg. I said "love your work" and she said "thank you... and I look terrible today, but somehow you recognize me". I said "seminal line: 'he's a righteous dood'" and she proceeded to give me the complete quote from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. We giggled a lot, we two, and I know she was pleased to reminisce. It's been about thirty years since she played Ed Rooney's secretary, Grace. She remembered the line, and she talked about teasing her own hair so the hairdresser could focus on making Mia Sara look beautiful. She told me how, when John Hughes saw her for the first time with her bouffant hairdo, he asked her, "how many pencils do you think you can hide in there?" so she tested it: FOUR. Hysterical.

It was such a humid day yesterday in LA that I felt really hot and uncomfortable under my own hair. We're having a weird summer, I just have to say. We had a grey May, and we DID NOT have our normal "June Gloom", and we're heading into who-knows-what for our July. With Edie McClurg talking about having enough hair to tease, I was ready to shave my head (not just buzz-cut it). Got home and watched Ferris Bueller, and in my Facebook newsfeed was a link to when I had, in fact, buzz-cut my hair two years ago. I have an hour and a half right now before I have to get to work. Think I'll post the transition.
Step One: It's Just. So. LONG!
Step Two: using scissors and a 1" guard on the trimmers, remove
a kitten's worth of hair... sweep up the kitten.
Step Three: shower the excess hair off your body, towel dry,
and "comb"

Step Four: Wait 24-48 hours and break out the trimmers again, if necessary. I LOVE being able to cut my own hair! :D

Happy Summer, Kids! I'll see ya on the lot!

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