Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's My Birfday.

I got up this morning and checked Facebook notifications quickly before I ran out the door for my day of more training at Warner Bros. ON MY BIRTHDAY, and there were probably already 20 people or more who had already posted wishes on my timeline.

Got to work and clocked in, reminding everyone around me that today is MY BIRTHDAY. Went into another orientation session with those of us who'd started last week as well as a bunch of folks who started this week, and nicely suggested that the reason HR was "buying us lunch" today was because of it being MY BIRTHDAY, and not because we all were sitting through a long orientation session, as they'd have us believe. ;) Found a card at my seat, from my friend Hattie, because, you know, she knew it was MY BIRTHDAY today. Had a good morning, what with the well-wishes, and such, and at our first break, I checked the Facebook notifications, and the number had grown to more than 30. One of my team/class -mates gave me his cookie at lunch. Kewl.

When I got home from my great birthday at work, I checked Facebook again. Eighty-nine well-wishes on my wall! A bunch of folks "liking" a bunch of those notifications! And the day ain't over yet, but I've been tagged in photos and a link about weirdos; I've gotten e-cards in my email; I've gotten a Skype video message, text messages, and voicemails. And, Stephanie sang the birfday song to me in French. I speak no French, but I appreciated the sentiment.

THANK YOU ALL for doing whatever you did today, living your lives, and thinking of me in the process. I am one blessed puppy.


I LOVE your feedback; give it to me, Baby. Uh-huh, uh-huh.