Saturday, June 13, 2015


I went through a pretty cool process to get here. As of today, there are 280 jobs available globally in the Warner Bros./TimeWarner "empire". A couple of months ago, I frequented that database for anything I might qualify for or enjoy doing, because in my little corner of the film industry, one is always searching for the next "gig". I found a few postings that were local, and applied. I kept looking on a weekly basis, while I continued working as a background actor on whatever came my way, as well as doing some personal assisting and audience work and attending any networking events I could squeeze in. I was happy and busy but still didn't feel like I was earning my days off. You know, "working for the weekend" like the rest of the non-Hollywood working world (start the video at 2:18; I don't understand what all the sitting and talking bit is about, but it's not my video, so whatevs). 

I had applied for three different jobs of the ~300 that were available at the time, at the Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, and I got a phone call at the end of April inviting me to an audition/interview ("Assessment") that would take place on the first Friday of May. I'd applied for a full-time position as a tour guide, but the studio is not obligated to hire externally for those positions; they post them, but as a general rule, they promote from within.

Ennyhoo, the assessment day was for temporary/SEASONAL Tour Guides. Even better, for me! I'm all about a temp job, because usually it means I have a lot of flexibility in my schedule so I can take care of other business needs when I'm not scheduled. Met up with my dance friend Hattie at the assessment, and made a handful of new friends, as it was really a "how well do you play with others?" sort of day. Nervous to present my one-minute monologue, of course, but the assessors knew that we all would be, and it was a great way to get a foot in the door.

As you are probably aware, I started my training on Tuesday, May 26th. There were emails and background check verification processes and whatnot in the time between the assessment and the "hire date", and those of us hired to start were in fact HIRED as of our start dates, but I have now
completed my training...

             passed all of the assessments and evaluations...

                           filled my brain with tons of Warner Bros. history and info tidbits...

and I will give my first unsupervised tour on Monday!

Got the uniform pieces and the nametag and the employee badge that will give me access to the areas I need access to... will go in, fully-bedecked and ready, pick up a walkie-talkie and keys, meet my first group and GO!


Do you have a fave Warner Bros. show or film you'd like to test my knowledge of? I don't claim to know all the answers (by any means), but I'll try to find that info out and get back to you before the tour ends.


  1. Oh, that sounds very cool! Congrats on that! I would love to do a bit of tour guiding sometime - although I would always be worried they would ask me curly questions (but as a trainer and previously as a teacher, this happens/happened all the time and I always get through it, so what am I worrying about??) - anyway - have fun!!

    1. Yes, Amanda, it is very cool. The link to the Warner Bros. careers page IS global, so if you happen to live near any of the Warner Bros. Studios that have tours, you should definitely look into it!

      Re: "curly" questions, the training was extensive. I'm sure you'll have a pat answer by the time your training is complete!

  2. Oh wow Emelle - this sounds SO up your alley!! Congrats!


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