Friday, June 19, 2015

Not workin' today.

I'm only on the schedule for four days this week. I've already worked those four days. They were a good four days, and while, you know me, I'd like to be always working, I decided to not call in this morning to see if anyone had "called out".

See this new gig is a temp job. I know my schedule is based on the traffic flow of tourists, and I was hired in enough time to get sufficiently trained for the heavy summer season. But there are others completing their training this week and next, and they'll need to get started touring so that we're all ready for that heavy summer season, once it comes.

I know that when it does hit, I'm probably going to be working five days every week until it lulls, or until I've been moved into a permanent position (if we come to a mutual agreement that that's the next step). I also know that "overtime has been approved", which means that any number of those days can be long days. I'm down with that.

And I'm trying to get my schedule worked out so that my five days include all Saturdays and Sundays, so that my two days off happen in the middle of the week, not necessarily consecutively, so that any other industry gigs that need me to day-play will have that opportunity. I've already had to turn down two lucrative BG days, simply because I was on the tour guide schedule. 'Sokay - I knew that would probably happen. I would just like to make it so I can be productive every day, and have wind-down days off only when I really need them.

But I'm not scheduled today or tomorrow. I'm really trying to get my allergies to clear, and if I'm feeling really super-fantastic tomorrow morning at 7, I will call in. I would imagine folks "call out" on the weekend more often than during the week. I could be wrong. I'm not the type to ever want to "call out", so I don't have a good knowledge base on why people do it. I've only ever done it when I was puking or otherwise losing any toxins my body was full of, or that time I threw out my back just making my bed. That was a fun day, let me tell you (NOT!).

So. Laundry and vacuuming and dishwashing today. Getting the homespace clear of allergens so I can get the headspace clear. Back to work tomorrow, if they need me! If not, then back to work on Sunday! Woot!


In other news, we briefly had new residents in our building. They were only here for a few days, but the entire building was happy to meet them. Or maybe there was one nasty neighbor who wasn't, and that's why they're not here anymore. :(


  1. So ducks aren't allergic to chlorine?

    1. It would seem NOT. Someone put a chair at the shallow stairs so the babies could get OUT of the pool, and the last time I saw them, Momma was on the concrete near the chair, and the babies were climbing up-and-out, huddling under Momma briefly, and then jumping (falling) back into the shallow end. So KEWT!

      Oh, and I found out that "duck" is "pato" en Español, which makes "ducklings" = "patitos", so "kewtie patooti" is really not very far off the mark! :D


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