Friday, June 26, 2015

Welcome, Slovenia!

Dunno how you found me, but I do hope you find something of interest that will encourage you to return. Welcome!


In other news, today's been a pretty good day. Actually, truth be told, the whole week's been pretty darn fabulous.

I've given many amazingly fun tours; I've had some of my guests burst into spontaneous applause; I've had guests join me in song. I've had guests from Australia, New Zealand, France, Sweden, Scotland, England, Canada, Mexico, and the good ol' U. S. of A. I've made jokes and had them laughed at. I've made the same jokes and had them barely chuckled at. I've deducted points from my own score, in order to make my guests feel like they're playing for a reason, too. I'm learning new stuff to add in, as well as discarding some stuff that no one seems to care about. I still need to get better at timing my tour to the two-hour mark, as I'm always running just a teensy bit late. So far, there have been no complaints or reprimands, which is great. I just gotta get 'em a little shorter, so that's what I'm workin' on.

This morning, I got in the pool very early to test the theory that the water wasn't so warm yesterday simply because of all the sun shining on it. The theory panned out - management/the landlord have finally caved to the tenant request to Turn. The. Damn. Heat. On. I, for one, would have been in the pool all winter had they heated it, but I'm grateful that I can now get in it before the children overrun it in these hot summer days, and give myself a pretty good low-impact workout. It was GLORIOUS this morning.

Got to work and started giving tours. Got a text message from Stephen that his employer had finally followed through on the idea of upgrading him to "full-time" status. Yay! He's had a rough time of it, what with the economy (in general) being what it is, and all of the potential employers pulling "bait-and-switch" deals on him. Now he won't have to look for anything else to supplement or replace his part-time job, and I won't have to ask him anymore about his search status, either. A little peace here! Now, if he wants a different job to replace this one that he doesn't hate, it'll be entirely on him to find that different job and arrange his time for interviews or whatnot. It's been a discouraging search for him, because he hasn't had the "I'll take a one day gig in the industry because I like 'em" joyful experiences that I've had. I am supposed to be the flibertygibbet of this family, ten-queue-belly-mush! He's the "stable guy with a stable job" here, and with this new change at his job, it is once again true.

And, I just noticed in my email that the request I put in today went through. I GET to work Saturday, the fourth of July. This should mean that every scheduled week going forward will have me working five days a week, including every Saturday and every Sunday. Gonna put a little monkey wrench in the bookkeeping/personal assisting scheduling, but we'll get it figured out. I'm doing a bit of that tomorrow, since I've already worked my five days this week and have tomorrow off.

Life is good, kids. I'm really happy that things are working out the way they're working out, and that my breathing is back to normal, with only the occasional lingering cough. No more doubling over with gut pain from the body-wracking coughing fits. Still using the neti pot because I think it's still helping, but I mostly don't do much of the other stuff anymore.

Bought some groceries on my way home, while still in my Warner Bros. uniform. Talked to a few people about our tours. Used a Victoria's Secret birthday coupon that was set to expire, and talked to a couple more folks about our tours. I may not be the best damn tour guide yet, but I ain't afraid to "plug" the company so I get to keep doing my job! And I will be the best damn tour guide, and if people meet me in uniform and talk to me, they might start requesting me. Wouldn't that be something?

I. Am. Blessed.

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