Monday, May 30, 2016

My Memorial Day, UPDATED (already)

First off, let me say that I don't ever say "Happy Memorial Day". I am very grateful and blessed to have both Veterans and Active Service members in my family and circle of friends. I am grateful and blessed that I know of Not One Vet who lost his/her life while Serving. So I don't so much "celebrate" or even really "commemorate" this particular Service "holiday". My family and friends who are Vets and Active are appreciated and commemorated throughout the year. Active Servicemembers who I don't know get thanked for their Service, when it's appropriate for me to do so (thank them).

So for me, today was just another day of not working. I got my steps in, over the course of 9 hours (yes, that's right, I said it took me NINE hours to get 10,000 steps in). Because I was DANCING around my apartment all day, listening to the 1980's playlist that Stephen's been compiling. It needed listening to, to be sure each song was digitally transferred without glitches. There is a list of songs with glitches. Also, they've been playing alphabetically by title, which is in general, a good way to mix a full day's playlist. Except that right now, we've got Synchronicity I and Synchronicity II back to back. Stephen will need to rename one of them so we don't "randomly" play two Police songs back to back. But yeah, it took NINE hours to get 10,000 steps in. Not every song is necessarily "danceable", and I sat a few out here and there, tweeting encouragement to a tweep who is paralleling my life of two-plus years ago (in many ways), but I have been mostly dancing All Day. Also, the non-FitBit thingy doesn't seem to recognize how much work I've been doing today, dancing All Day, and I don't think there's a way for me to really tell it that I had a nine-hour workout. Whatevs. My feet hurt enough for me to know I've done it. I'll take the caloric burn it's giving me.

Here's my photographic evidence (and yes, I was able to log the "workout"):

And what else have I been up to, you ask? How's my Depression going? Three (okay, Ten) Good Things:

  1. Yesterday, I went to a pool party/web series scene for a friend whose birthday is TODAY, and she was shooting some stuff in her backyard, so I had to shave my pits the night before. Yeah, I know that makes you happy. While I was there, I did a little networking. Yeah, I know that makes you happy, too.
  2. I still have the same manicure that I had in my bathtub pics, so the nails are doing okay (although I did have to trim one because of a snag). 
  3. I'm going to dye my roots soon (probably tomorrow), and I need to renew my driver's license (in PERSON) This Week, so I may also trim my hair a bit. Don't think I'll buzzcut it yet, but it could use some shaping. 
  4. The car also needs both an oil change and wash, and since some of the drought restrictions have apparently been lifted, I'll probably go back to one of my previously-frequented car wash places that also happens to do oil changes, because I don't really want to spend dealership prices on my oil change AND pay separately for the wash.
  5. Gonna touch base with Warner Bros. again, and create a profile on the SAG-AFTRA website so I can have an easier time finding work. These are things that have bogged me down in my Depression; my "shoulds" that are just daunting tasks that I must do to help me climb outta the hole. It's a big Catch-22, and party-planning while unemployed isn't really "helping". Not that I am blaming anyone; I chose to celebrate my milestone birthday; I've got others helping me with the planning, but there is a part that I must play. I didn't request a "surprise" party, and I think in this day and age, "surprise" parties are a near-impossibility to pull off anyway. It just kinda sucks to have so many "shoulds" interfering with what will be a good time.
  6. I have recently made two crockpot meals. One was a "meal" and the other was pasta sauce, which means the sauce is still being used. The night I made the sauce, I also cooked up some dry pasta. Today, I turned the sauce on low and then used it at lunchtime with some frozen ravioli we have; it wasn't a "bad" meal, but I improvised the cooking of the raviolis so I wouldn't have to dirty a pot with boiling.
  7. I also got all my laundry washed and PUT AWAY one day this past week, and I've been staying on top of the dishwasher situation, which means that I've recently begun handwashing the dishes (but not rinsing) before I load them, because our dishwasher Really Sucks. The last load came out Really Clean. No spots or streaks or anything. I guess I'll stick with handwashing before loading.
  8. I made a pitcher of tea today! Yay! Love having Not-Too-Sweet but definitely Not-Unsweet tea in the fridge!
  9. This week, I will make at least one batch of ice cream for my party. I will shop for party groceries with the homeowner-hostess at some point. I may make other items, as I feel inclined, as the party looms closer. I will also continue reminding the invitees to READ THEIR DAMN EVENT INVITES and encouraging them to please respond, since the party is taking place at the home of someone and not in a restaurant. 
  10. Hopefully I'll book at least one day of work, and I won't book work for Saturday.
UPDATE: here's what a nine-hour dance workout looks like to the non-FitBit app:
yeah, I've dance-walked another coupla hundred steps (and will continue to), but I was blown away by the "calories burned"!!!

Where you at, in YOUR life, these days? Again, I love to interact with you here, so don't be afraid to comment. (And thanks in advance)


  1. 10K steps is SO impressive.

    Don't you hate people who don't RSVP right? Have they never personally hosted anything? Grrr. Burns my butt.

    Give me your tea "recipe". Mine sucks.

    1. 10,000 steps is the current trendy "goal", because it feels like if you can be active enough to equate 4+ miles in a day, then you ought to be fairly "healthy". Dancing is NOT a good way to get a pedometer to count "steps". although it was DEFINITELY a nice long activity. Activity is key, I think. Movement. Getting your heart rate up is important, but I don't even really strive for that. I just want to satisfy the non-FitBit thingy.

      Living in Los Angeles, where everyone gets their work schedules peacemeal, or only the day before, especially if "work" equals "industry", then it's completely understandable if people wait until the last minute to RSVP. And my "reminders" will be gracious and gentle, but probably also a little assertive, as in, "It's THIS SATURDAY, friends! Are ya coming? Because I'd LOVE to see you, but I think the homeowner-hosts may also like to have an IDEA of how many to expect! If you're still only "considering" coming, won't you RSVP "maybe"? That'd be GREEEEEAAAAT." ...or something like that, ya know.

      I own a Mr. Coffee Iced Tea brewer. It makes only 1/2 gallon at a time, but because I use gallon black tea bags (plus 1 one-cup MINT bag), I run the water through the brewer four times and pour it all into a gallon pitcher, with a scant half-cup sugar. Then I cool the gallon In The Freezer, because IMO, ice cubes are no good in good Iced Tea. It is both more and less work than your Whirley Pop. I mean, I walk away from it, four times. I refuse to make Iced Tea on the stove. What's your recipe?

  2. But since the actual day is Friday are you - like - DOING - something, I hope? I know your big party thingy is Saturday, but it would be kind of nice if you're actually getting to DO/Celebrate on THE day at least. What's the sitch for Friday? Are you taking phone calls? 'Cause you know your big sis will want to talk to you on the golden anniversary of the day of your actual birth and all, yeah? Ooooh, I know. Maybe you'll get booked on Friday. That would be sweet!

    1. "Booked" WOULD be sweet. But "planning" is the bane of my existence, so I'm not "planning" anything for the Actual Day. I'm contributing to the "planning" of the gathering for Saturday. I'm making sure NOW to let everyone I encounter know that THEY need to find a moment on Friday to "celebrate" that "crazy chick from TJ's or whatever", which has been a fun thing with complete strangers. :)

      Go ahead and call me as early as you can stand. Even if I don't normally get up, I have a daily alarm at 7:30 (in the hopes that I WILL get up and reboot my life). If I book work, there's no way I'll be expected on set that early on a Friday.


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