Sunday, April 26, 2015

Body-shaming, revisited

This morning (afternoon? I forget, because it's Sunday and I haven't had a schedule today), I saw a casting call for some background work I'm willing to do. It indicated that the "role" would be "stripper" but that it would not involve removing clothing or dancing, per se... they just wanted some hot scantily-clad chicks in a party scene. I'm feeling pretty good about myself, lately, so I jumped in the shower and tried to decide what I would wear in the photo I needed to submit.

But then I asked Stephen something like that dreaded question, "Do I look fat in this dress?"


Hang ON, people! Don't jump to the conclusion that STEPHEN body-shamed me! He did NOT! Whew!

What I asked him, specifically, was to put on his Actor Hat, and from the POV of a casting director who did not have a thirty-year history with me, would he book me, hot as I am, for someone 18-30? He never touched the issue of my figure. He focused on AGE, because that was what I was asking about.

We agreed that, if the post had said, "18 - 30's" that I should go ahead and submit. But because it said "18 - 30" that really what they were looking for was "no one older than 27". So I got dressed in some cute clothes and didn't take the picture and didn't worry about submitting. But after I got dressed, I realized that I still do judge myself, sometimes unrealistically.
wearing the EXACT SAME top I wore to Costco before Labor Day!
While I know I no longer have my 30-year-old body, I'm not particularly unhappy with the one I have at present... so I made ice cream tonight! Coconut cream -based, with strawberries and blueberries. YUM!


The following two pics are mostly for you bloggers out there... don't we all just want to share our "BEST" selves? Isn't that a crazy thought? Why shouldn't we just share our REAL selves, for better or worse?
a PHOTO of the potential PHOTOS
 (because I couldn't reach the
 "take snapshot" button on the webcam
with my finger or toe to get
my BELLY in the same frame with my FACE)

what I go through to get you kids a good picture!
 This is just a "print screen" cropped in


Welcome BACK, China! It's been awhile!


  1. Perfect timing! I was divesting myself of "work attire" in favor of "lounge attire" for the afternoon-evening. I dress based on whether or not I plan to leave my own property. Will "this" top work with "these" leggings just in case, or do I need something longer to cover IT up? (IT being the post-babies belly that never recovered - like a rubber band stretched too far, IT's never going to bounce back.) I'm not ashamed of IT any more than I'm ashamed of my bladder, ear wax, or uvula, but I don't consider it a part of me that I care to share, even (or especially) under spandex, with the general public. To my mind, modesty does NOT equal shame, and IMHO we could do with more of the former and less of the latter. (Rockin' the top, girlfriend. btw. If I had your belly I'd crop til I dropped.)

    1. Wow, where to begin?

      YES, definitely less shaming, although I think more modesty is really only necessary in specific situations, i.e. SCHOOLGIRLS (and BOYS) or in a "business" environment. When out in the "real world" I like to dress comfortable for the climate. Doesn't mean I'm not gonna hide my muffintop or spare tire, if what I'm wearing is making ME self-conscious!

      But absolutely "Amen" on the "am I leaving the premises?" debate!

      Thank you for the compliment - I never bore any babies to have a post-babies belly.


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