Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wednesday. Nothin' weird, just Wednesday.

Got up early again today; I have the day off work, so I decided at some point in my sleep cycle that I would do a little laundry and swim while waiting for it this morning. Worked out pretty well; my first beach towel that I took downstairs absorbed the bulk of the water from my swimsuit while I was folding my dry laundry, so when I came upstairs to fart around online, I swapped that towel for a dry one, so I wouldn't get the futon wet.

Sat down, did a little online, then got up to grab cereal. This is what I came back to:

Why do cats believe that the space you've just recently occupied actually belongs to them?

The laundry is done; the morning swim/workout is done; I've eaten breakfast and am enjoying some hot tea. What else shall I do with my day?
... besides pet the kitties? ;)

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