Sunday, November 23, 2014

Longest Breakfast Ever, in the History of Breakfast... well, probably not. ;)

I live and work in Los Angeles and the film industry. What happened today isn't supposed to affect me!

Ming-Na Wen was having breakfast in the restaurant where I work today. I don't know if she and her friend were seated before or after I clocked in; I didn't see them get seated. I immediately recognized her when I passed her table in my "floating", so I found a reason to alter my traffic pattern to confirm. Then I found another moment to "pass" their table so that I could let her know that "I've admired your work forever, and I really like you on Your. Avengers. Show".

GAAH. Yes, I really did say that. What a dork!

She probably gets that sort of thing all the time, but GAAH! What the eff happened to my brain, in that moment?  It was my own, personal Wil Wheaton Moment. She was very gracious, and I understand from her server that she was also sweet and friendly (and yes, she tipped). Thankfully, my gaff did not unsettle the women, and they occupied their small table (again, graciously taking up only a "two-top") for a good long while. Hours, (it felt like) they were there. It's actually quite comforting (to me) to know that it's possible to be famous enough in this town for a restaurant worker to stick her own foot in her mouth at your table but low-key enough to continue dining, without pressure. *** If you've been reading me AT ALL for any length of time, you know that I really don't care what others may think of me, but if I were in her position, would I be as gracious? Could I be? I also wonder how many others recognized her and followed my lead into their own, personal Wil Wheaton Moments?

Today was Day Seventeen of Twenty-Two, if you look at my current work schedule. I might have off on Thursday (the swap I mentioned yesterday hasn't been approved yet), which would make this Day Seventeen of Twenty. That's a lot of consecutive Days of Earning or Working Towards Earning (interviewing), strung together. If my next official Day Off is Thursday, then I will rest. If it's not until Saturday, then, well, I will rest. I've enjoyed stringing all of these Days together, but it's practically a whole MONTH of work, and I'm at the point where I recognize that it may be too much. Maybe.

After my interview on Tuesday goes well (hired "on the spot", don'tchaknow?), I shall do a "Happy Dance" out of the mall and back to my car. If I've managed to "swap" my Sunday "float" shift for a co-worker's Tuesday cashier shift, then I will also Happy Dance into that shift... and leave my "Thank You For Having Hired Me For Only This Long, but Goodbye" card posted on the wall, next to the schedule. And then maybe, while I'm cashiering, I'll call around to see who wants my Wednesday and Friday shifts, 'cuz I'm nice like that. I may be a spazz, but I'm a nice one.

Just in case I'm too busy to blog again before Thursday, I hope this week finds you rested and blessed with the company of folk you love. Eat turkey or don't; just be happy, ya know?


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