Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adventures in LaLaLand

Still waiting for the costuming paycheck to arrive...

It was cooler today, so when I got in the pool, I had to work extra to warm the muscles.

Stephen and I did a bit of grocery shopping and then returned home by way of his job, so he could check his schedule.  Turning into the parking lot of the adjacent bank, I caught the curb and popped my right front tire.  Called for roadside assistance, because otherwise, why have it on the insurance, right? and was on hold for much too long.  By the time I decided to hang up from the on-hold music, we'd already gotten the car jacked up and the flat nearly removed.  I knew it would take no time for us to get the "bicycle" spare installed and the old one back in the trunk, so that's what we did.  When he went into the store to check his schedule, I finished the tightening of the nuts (by "standing" on the tire wrench, of course) and was asked what I was doing by a little old lady who clearly was not offering me any help - she just had to see what I was "jumping" about!  We had already been offered assistance by two other gents, but we had it handled, so we graciously declined.

We're home now (obvi!) and Stephen's preparing dinner.  My next step is to find out exactly what the "Road Hazard Warranty" I purchased with the tires covers (curbs?), and how I go about replacing a Precision Tune purchase at a non-Precision Tune store (I don't think we have them out here!).  No matter what, that bicycle spare's getting put back in the trunk TOMORROW (Photo Phriday).

Good times!


  1. Well, as long as you keep your attitude positive I don't see how you can have anything but success! (I was kinda hoping pool would equal Mrs. F. Oh, well. Your stories are always entertaining and I like seeing my little Feedly indicator light up whenever you post so I'll take it)

    1. I was ready to get that tire replaced IMMEDIATELY this morning - the NC store where I bought it suggested replacing it but keeping the original and all receipts so that "next time I'm in" they can do what they need to for reimbursement of the new tire... he was a bit shocked when I said I wouldn't be back & that I live in LA now... & that my closest (his brand) store is 78 miles away! But I can still maybe get reimbursed at least a portion, if I follow his instructions, so there's that.


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