Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Fotos

When it takes ALL DAY to make a pitcher of iced tea...

Cocoa in one of her two fave "spots"
Smokey, being all "cool"

Both furbabies just hangin' out
Last-minute Labor Day Weekend cookout/pool party
Hostess & my hubby
young dragon? or dinosaur?

all dried off from the pool

hosts pre-"go inside because it's dark out"
Meg Ryan, where ya been?
Cuisine Art
only 17000 miles on this RUINT tire - it'd cost me $25 in gas
 to get "warranty" replacement, and half-a-day in personal time!

why do they even MAKE these awful spares?
got that silly bicycle tire off for ya!
packed back into the trunk, and
just about ready to roll!  (just checkin' the pressure all around)


  1. Ugh, I hate car struggles! Your kittens are adorable!! I am a fellow cat lover too. I just adore that blanket that is hanging off the back of your sofa too x

    1. We changed the tire ourselves when it "popped" and had it only been a nail in the tread, I'd have bought a plug kit and fixed it myself. No such luck - had to replace the whole damn thing, even with all of that great tread ready to be worn! Then you pay the "disposal" fee whether you keep it or not, and it just would not have been worth my time or effort to try to get the warranty reimbursement. What a waste. Gotta be sure to get the life outta the rest of the set, as well as the replacement, now!
      The furbabies ARE adorable, but they're probably 8 or 9 years old now, so not "kittens" anymore! :)
      Funny thing about the blanket - neither of us can remember where it came from, so it must have been mine for awhile. It's just a simple little thing that makes great packing material, actually - it's not even big enough to qualify as a "lap" blanket!


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