Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tomorrow, tomorrow! I love ya! Tomorrow! (gotcha - go ahead and sing, kids)

Tomorrow, I get to go to "work!"  The reason "work" is in "quotes" is because it won't be anything like actual work.  In the morning, I'll walk over to Central Casting to see and be seen by the handful of Casting Directors who will deign to grace us with their presence for "visitation day."  And then around noon, I'll hop in my car and drive over the hill to a studio to watch a court show, as if I'm a litigant.  I'll be dressed in upscale dark business attire, but I'll only be there to "watch" the cases that get presented.  They'll not call me up to the stand; they'll not address me in any way.  I'll be in "the audience."  Nice "work" if you can get it, right?  What a life!


Tomorrow. I remember it like it was yesterday.  Tomorrow is 9/11 (in the States.  In Europe, it's 11/9, and not a "day to remember.")

Already (all day TODAY, in fact) on my Facebook newsfeed, I'm seeing folks posting pics of the WTC Twin Towers.  I won't be posting a pic; I won't be sharing a pic; I won't be "liking" a pic; I won't be commenting on a pic.  This blog post is the extent of me "commemorating" the terrorism of that day.

It was THIRTEEN years ago.  Most folks don't seem to want to have anything to do with the number 13 on any other day, so why are so many "remembering" tomorrow in ways that are "milestone" remembrances?

I'm probably going to make an enemy or two here by saying what I have to say.  But whatever; I'm sorry for your loss, but THAT IS ALL.  I don't have any "loss" related to 9/11, so please don't treat me as if I am grieving, or expect me to share in your "grief."

On "the day" (you know, that one that I remember like it was yesterday?), I went to work and did my job like ANY OTHER DAY.  And since I'm newsphobic anyway, I had NO IDEA what was happening in the moment that any of it was happening.  And I wondered why half the office was getting work done, and the other half were walking around like their own mother had just died.  When I got home from work at the end of "the day," there was the footage on the TV, from THAT MORNING, and I asked my then-husband what movie he was watching.  Because the news footage looked LIKE A MOVIE.

In 2006, my own Mommy died.  THAT anniversary is the one I grieve, still.  Because she was my Mommy, and I have a right to grieve her.  Nothing I did before or since, or ON THAT DAY, can change the facts or circumstances of her transition to Spirit.  The same goes for all that happened on 9/11.  If you personally lost a loved one that day, then I am very sorry for your loss.  If you didn't, and you just happen to be sucked into the idea of "Never Forget," then please just do your remembering quietly, without expecting a response from me.

Because, frankly, I'll be at "work." :)


  1. For me, it simply reminds me of the time I was coming unglued anyway. The whole surreal experience of that particular day was just icing for the events that were transpiring in my own life. At least I'm getting treatment, and, like you, I don't do any sort of commemorating of this day, either.

    1. ya know, you're right? That particular marriage was coming unglued for me at that time... by November, when I had to fly across the country for work, I spent the flight praying for a crash. And then, by February, y'all had gotten me packed up and outta there! Not a particularly "commemorative" day in MY history!

  2. i'm with you emelle. although my life was a lot simpler and happier then..sigh..;)

    1. The really BEAUTIFUL thing about the "gig" I did today was that NO ONE mentioned the date, other than to put "11th" day of "September 2014" on our sign-in paperwork.

      Not a bad day at all, and I'm booked for more of the same (while completely different) for Toooooooo-Mah-Row, To-Mah-Row, I luv ya, To-Mah-Row!!!!!!!!

  3. It is absolutely remembered in Europe. It shocked us to the core in Britain. I remember exactly where I was on that day. I was coming out of school and the people who had mobile phones were spreading these little rumours about the twin towers that just couldn't possible be true. It was so horrible.

    1. Part of the reason I call myself "newsphobic" is because there is nothing I can personally do to CHANGE the events that are considered "newsworthy," so I CHOOSE to just Live. My. Life. I am not a consumer of "news" from any media source. If something major happens in the world, you can be sure I'll learn about it... but until the moment that it AFFECTS me personally, I just Can't. Devote. ANY. Energy. to the Negativity.

      Being newsphobic keeps me centered and sane and happy. I don't begrudge the newshounds. Just keep me out of it! :)


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