Tuesday, September 2, 2014

'Murican Inverted Shepherdess Pie


So easy.  One bowl, nuke the mashed potatoes (nothin' but frozen taters here).  Add some Kerrygold and frozen peas, nuke again.  Add a little more Kerrygold and top with pulled pork, nuke a bit more.  Total microwave time to properly heat all elements, less than five minutes.

So yummy.

So... "more."  Dammit, now I gotta make another bowlful, because even though a "serving" is really plenty, it just tastes like "more."


  1. Replies
    1. Cool! If your recipe is varied at all, let me know how it goes, and what the variants are.

      LEGITIMATE Shepherd's Pie has a moist shredded beef (or maybe ground beef) as its base, with some kind of sauce, then peas and pearl onions, and TOPPED with mashed potatoes (and probably shredded cheddar), which is then all BAKED. I ain't got time for all that, 'specially if it's just ME eatin' it! :)


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