Monday, September 22, 2014


I've been telling y'all about my work in entertainment; I even posted about the next film I get to Script Supervise.  In the meantime, I've been brought into the fold as an "Associate Producer" to help my friend, Dawn, meet the financial goals for this next gig.

Dawn is, in my opinion, the "Queen of Crowdfunding."  Unfortunately, she's having to split her brain energy for this film into two very separate foci, Producing (and running the indiegogo campaign) and Directing (you know, being the Director "on the day").  All of the Producers are doing what they can to ease Dawn's Producer duties so she can keep her focus on Directing.  And I've been brought in to help there, as well.

My main focus this week is to post the following message on the walls of Dawn's 5000 Facebook friends (or in private messages, if they've got "post to my wall" blocked).  It's a daunting task, and it's going to take me most of the week to get it done, primarily because Facebook doesn't have an easily-"automatic" way of doing this, because, you know, SPAM. But that's my task, and it'll be the reason you don't hear much from me on my blog or Twitter or Facebook this week.

If YOU personally have any interest in "how films get made" or you know someone who does and may have the means to contribute, then please read the heartfelt message below, and click on the link.  Visit the campaign and find a perk you like, and contribute if you can.  The big reason Dawn always uses indiegogo is because every contribution goes toward making the film a reality, whether the "goal" is met or not. And even if you can only share the message or the link to the campaign, it will help.

  • Hey, @Friend! We are going to shoot Fragile Storm this coming weekend, even though we have not yet reached our first-tier indiegogo goal. We've been funding this with our own money so far, but we could really use your help. This is the most important and powerful film we have done to date. This is not an all-or-nothing campaign; every dollar donated WILL be used to bring this film to you!
  • Please check out the perks we're offering, and you can even read the script if you like! If you've already donated, thank you. Sharing the link and spreading the word really helps as well. Thank you so much!
  • #FragileStorm #PalmStreetFilms #LanceHenriksen #Alzheimers
Thank you, again, dear readers, for having an interest in my life and my work and what I've got to say about it.  This is a big campaign, and I'm happy to do my part.  Really looking forward to the fun stuff this weekend, though! ;)

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